FREN 3031: Finding Your Voice in French

FREN 3584: Topics in French Cinema

FRTR 3584/MDST 3559: Masterpieces of French Cinema (taught in English)

FREN 3585: Digital Storytelling Workshop

FREN 3652: Modern Paris

FREN 4559: Reel Life Stories

FREN 4838: Contemporary France

FREN 4585: Contemporary France in Film and Media

FREN 5584/8584: Cinéma, mémoire, histoire

FREN 5584/8584: Documentary Film: Theory and Practice

FREN 5584/8584: Regards croisés, France and its Empire in Film

FREN 5584/8584: Formes cinématographiques de l’histoire

FREN 5584/8584: Contemporary French Cinema

FREN 5580/8580: The Modern French Imperial Imagination