Wisconsin Lawmakers Take Aim at Tenure and Shared Governance

Our alert member, Judith Reagan, noticed this important article in The Chronicle.


Such stories remind us of the importance of our membership in the AAUP which is one organization nationally fighting against these incursions.

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WINA Interview

John Alexander was interviewed by Les Sinclair on WINA:


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Op Ed in Daily Progress

The Executive Committee of the UVa Chapter of the AAUP has published an OpEd in the Daily Progress reflecting on what we have collectively learned and what progress is still needed two years after the ouster: http://bit.ly/2YearsAfterOuster

Sunday, July 13, 2014.

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AAUP National Update on UVa

The AAUP National site has posted this update on positive developments at UVa:


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The Coup that Failed

Talbot Brewer, Chair of the Department of Philosophy at UVa, has just published this thoughtful reflection on the ouster:


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UVa AAUP Chapter Calls for Shared Governance

Published as the top story in the Daily Progress, 7/9/14:


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New Officers Installed



FOR INFORMATION CONTACT: Peter Norton, norton@virginia.edu

American Association of University Professors, UVa Chapter:

Elects New Officers


Charlottesville VA-June 30, 2014- Following its annual election, the UVa Chapter of the AAUP (American Association of University Professors) installs a new set of officers on Tuesday, July 1, 2014.

The UVa Chapter of AAUP has completed its second academic year since re-organizing in response to the ouster of UVa’s President by the Board of Visitors in the summer of 2012. In the spring of 2014, the chapter conducted elections as specified in its by-laws.

For 2014-15, the members of the Executive Committee of the UVa Chapter of the AAUP include:

President:                            Peter Norton, Engineering

Vice President:                    John Alexander, SHANTI

Secretary-Treasurer:         Chip Tucker, Arts & Sciences

At Large:                                Jeanine Braithwaite, Batten

At Large:                                Victor Luftig, Arts & Sciences

Past President:                     Walt Heinecke, Curry

According to the bylaws, the UVa Chapter of the AAUP exists to advocate for shared governance and academic freedom. All faculty at UVa (including tenured, non-tenured, emeritus and non-tenure track) are encouraged to join by going to:



Contact: John Alexander

Email: john@virginia.edu

Phone: 434.243.6619

Web: http://bit.ly/AAUPatUVa

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Rudy Fichtenbaum’s Talk

The video of the talk by Rudy Fichtenbaum, National President of the AAUP is here.

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Rudy Fichtenbaum’s Talk

Rudy Fichtenbaum, President of the National AAUP spoke on 4/24/14 on the new internal financial budget model and its implications for academic freedom.  The slides for that talk can be seen here.

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Active AAUP Member, George Mentore, on Local Radio

George Mentore, an active member of our UVa Chapter and an anthropology professor, appeared recently on Coy Barefoot’s radio show “Inside Charlottesville”:


As the web site describing the program states,

During the interview, Professor Mentore “explores the historic events of the summer of 2012 when members of the UVA Board of Visitors attempted to force President Theresa Sullivan from office. (14:00) George then served on the Executive Council of the Faculty Senate, and enjoyed  unique perspective. He speaks candidly about those events in this first-ever interview. He says, “That whole series of events was the proudest moment in 27 years of teaching at UVA. I’ve never been more proud of the faculty than in those few weeks. It hit a moral core of our community. I didn’t understand fully until mentore.photo__0then the place that Jefferson’s university has in the collective imagination of the nation. There’s just something about that university, as a public institution that belongs to Jefferson, that actually belongs to the nation. People just couldn’t believe that this was actually happening to it.”

He also takes a moment to reflect on the revolutionary changes that have been taking place in universities around the county in the last few decades— including at the University of Virginia: as a corporate model has contributed to the rise of an administrative class of managers that have taken control of the institution.”

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