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Daniel Brooks — The Arab Winter

  The Arab Spring was a multi-nation response to oppressive regimes across the middle east. The very name carries a great sense of hope. Unfortunately, that hope has been dashed for the majority of participating countries. In this short blog, I will explore the “Arab Winter,” or, the authoritarian response to the Arab Spring. Only four countries saw a change… Read more →

Who are the Houthis?

So, who are the Houthis, and what is their motive? The Houthi rebels are fighting for a more united and representative government, so basically a democracy (Basu). They hate Saudi Arabia and actually originally formed as an opposition to the religious influence in Saudi Arabia. The same religious influence that has created the world’s most extreme gender inequality. All these… Read more →

The Beginning of the Yemen Humanitarian Crisis

The Yemen civil war has led to violent unrest that has resulted in a trifecta of man-made disasters. Famine, cholera, and warfare haunt the country of Yemen and has left in nearly 80 percent of the population requiring humanitarian aid (UN News). After becoming aware of the shocking reality of the current state of Yemen, it is essential to know… Read more →