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Laura Chattin – Ending Domestic Violence in Ethiopia

Arguments for and against Western humanitarian aid have been raging for as long as modern society has existed. While some would say that those with the means have a responsibility to help those who are experiencing hardships, there are many reasons as to why Western humanitarian intervention can be ineffective and/or harmful. In terms of domestic abuse in countries such… Read more →

Sexual Education in Tunisia – Ellie Hanson

It was announced this past December that Tunisia will introduce a “biological and religious-based” sexual education program into its elementary and middle school curriculum, making it the only country in the Arab World to have sexual education in its schools (Beachum). Tunisia has always been a country that’s a bit ahead of the other countries that participated in the Arab… Read more →

Russia’s Deaf Government in the Face of Gender-Based Violence by: Ashley Weldon

In Russia, the recent decriminalization of domestic violence in 2017 is a reflection of the government’s refusal to regard gender-based violence as a problem and an unwillingness to confront a cultural problem of violence against women, who are the primary victims of domestic abuse in the country. As a result of the passage of this domestic violence bill, “beatings that leave… Read more →

Women’s Rights in Russia Across the 20th and 21st Centuries by: Ashley Weldon

By: Ashley Weldon By tracking the nonlinear progress of educational, political, and social progress for Russian women across the last century, recurrent beliefs centering around the role and perception of women emerge, which continue to appear in the country today. Many of the freedoms earned by women have been subsequently stripped away depending on Russia’s military outcomes and economic conditions. In 1905,… Read more →

Laura Chattin – Acceptance and Consequences of Domestic Abuse in Ethiopia

There is a trend in Ethiopia of women normalizing the horrific cycles of abuse which seems to have made the negative consequences far worse than they would be if women believed the violence towards them was abnormal. Ethiopian women are taught from the day they are born that they are meant to be submissive, obedient, and less than men in… Read more →

Lydia Brainard: Sexual Education in Tunisia

Reproductive education is a globally controversial, yet important, aspect of school programming. As of December 2019, Tunisia became the only Arab nation to include reproductive education programming in elementary and middle school classes. The program is not a stand-alone course, but instead will be included into physical education, life and earth sciences classes. Reproductive biology, puberty, pregnancy, assault and abortion… Read more →

Laura Chattin – Domestic and Sexual Abuse in Ethiopia

Physical and sexual violence in a partnered relationship has always been an enormous human rights issue affecting all aspects of communities around the world. Currently Ethiopia has the highest rates of domestic abuse against women with almost 60% having experienced sexual violence1 and nearly 50% having experienced physical partner violence at some point in their lives.2 Out of the women… Read more →