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State-backed violence towards protesters after referendum in Guinea|Thomas Doyle

In the past ten years, Guinea looked like it was making progress toward creating a more just society. The first democratically elected leader, Alpha Conde, who came to power in 2010, shared some similarities with the South African leader Nelson Mandela. They were both stars in their respective opposition parties, imprisoned by the state, and eventually became democratically elected leaders… Read more →

Rebel Fighting in the Central African Republic and the Pandemic of Sexual Violence|Thomas Doyle

When the philosopher and author George Santayana once wrote: “Only the dead have seen the end of war,” he clearly understood that the trauma of warfare reaches far beyond those that are directly involved in the fighting and continues to affect people for the remainder of their lives. This long-term trauma of war is especially true for the women of… Read more →

Nina Robertson – Background on Protests in France

France is well-known for its political strikes and demonstrations which in French are referred to as “les manifestations”. Some recent topics of protests have to do with the climate, education, social justice, minimum wage, and tax reform. Recently President Emmanuel Macron just released a new pension plan where people feel that it is unjust to raise the retirement age. Unions… Read more →