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Why Has Italy So Far Avoided Jihadist Terrorist Attacks?  – Alexandra Hartman

  Unlike many of its European neighbors, Italy has avoided bloody jihadist terrorist attacks in the 21st century. Like other European countries who have suffered such attacks, Italy is engaged in the fight against the Islamic State, is home to important Western cultural sites that are often targeted by terrorists, and has a significant refugee population. These similarities indicate that… Read more →

Migration, Populism, and Terrorism in Italy – Alexandra Hartman

In June 2018, Italy swore in a new populist coalition government. The two main parties, the League and the Five Star Movement, promised a guaranteed income for the poor, lower taxes, and the deportation of half a million migrants. Since then, former leader of the League Matteo Salvini has risen to become Italy’s deputy prime minister, bringing anti-immigrant populism to… Read more →