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Russia’s Deaf Government in the Face of Gender-Based Violence by: Ashley Weldon

In Russia, the recent decriminalization of domestic violence in 2017 is a reflection of the government’s refusal to regard gender-based violence as a problem and an unwillingness to confront a cultural problem of violence against women, who are the primary victims of domestic abuse in the country. As a result of the passage of this domestic violence bill, “beatings that leave… Read more →

November Insurrection: Uprisings in Poland (Elizabeth Beuley)

The November Insurrection, Polish–Russian War, or the Cadet Revolution: all names for the same event. An event where Poland once again rebelled against foreign captors. In 1830, Polish people in western Poland were sick of being a colony of the Russian empire and saw their only path to freedom was violent revolt. According to Fanon “decolonization is a violent phenomenon,”… Read more →

Image sourced from: Religion in Poland wikipedia - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Religion_in_Poland

Poland and the Roman Catholic Church: Brewing Tension? – Marta Maliszewska

Poland is often thought of as a very religious country, with most of its citizens being followers of the Roman Catholic church. A poll done by Poland’s national statistics office in 2018 revealed that around 92% of Poles consider themselves Catholic, 81% believe in God, and 70% pray at least once weekly.  According to a survey done by Pew Research… Read more →