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Uprisings in Poland: Solidaridad – Ellie Beuley

Uprisings in Poland: Solidaridad   As a member of the USSR, throughout the late twentieth century Poland was once again under the control of the Soviet Union/Russia. Since the late 1950’s the USSR had faced several uprisings like the ones in Hungary and Prague, and they had swiftly crushed them. However, by the time 1980 came around Brezhnev, the Soviet… Read more →

Russia’s Gender Pay Gap by: Ashley Weldon

In the past few decades, the gender pay gap between Russian men and women has remained consistent, with women earning around 74% of what men earn. This gender pay gap can be explained by gender segregation across different employment sectors and industries and gender discrimination. While the employment gap between men and women in Russia is relatively small, hovering around… Read more →

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The Role of Media in Turkey’s Border Bombing

At least 33 Turkish soldiers were killed this past Thursday by an airstrike on the Syrian border. These soldiers were positioned near Syria’s Idlib province to defend against both Syrian invasion and the various terrorist organizations that reside there. This province has been the source of much strife between the two nations and, despite this tension, Turkey has maintained that… Read more →

Russia’s Deaf Government in the Face of Gender-Based Violence by: Ashley Weldon

In Russia, the recent decriminalization of domestic violence in 2017 is a reflection of the government’s refusal to regard gender-based violence as a problem and an unwillingness to confront a cultural problem of violence against women, who are the primary victims of domestic abuse in the country. As a result of the passage of this domestic violence bill, “beatings that leave… Read more →

Women’s Rights in Russia Across the 20th and 21st Centuries by: Ashley Weldon

By: Ashley Weldon By tracking the nonlinear progress of educational, political, and social progress for Russian women across the last century, recurrent beliefs centering around the role and perception of women emerge, which continue to appear in the country today. Many of the freedoms earned by women have been subsequently stripped away depending on Russia’s military outcomes and economic conditions. In 1905,… Read more →

Russia’s War on Women by: Ashley Weldon

By: Ashley Weldon Russia is a country steeped in a long and rich cultural history of literature, dance, and artistic works; known for its expansive and highly populated territories, and since Putin’s election in 2000, the country’s scores for press, economic, and political freedom have increased over time (“Russian Federation”). The country is, however, plagued by a variety of social… Read more →