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The Rohingya Refugee Crisis: Humanitarian Efforts – Muntaqa Zaman

Muntaqa Zaman, post #4 Current humanitarian efforts regarding the Rohingya were ongoing as of 2019, but have slowed down considerably since the outbreak of COVID-19, or the novel coronavirus. Humanitarian assistance can come in two main overarching forms: advocacy and aid. Aid is being continually provided to the Rohingya in camps in Bangladesh, both through local and international organizations. Additionally,… Read more →

The Rohingya Refugee Crisis: Current Policies – Muntaqa Zaman

Muntaqa Zaman, post #2 Current policies regarding the Rohingya are based on the political climate. Myanmar is jointly ruled by the counselor San Suu Kyi and the military. She had been an advocate for democracy and even won a Nobel Peace Prize in 1991, but after the beginning of the concurrent rule, has not spoken up regarding the atrocities committed… Read more →

Burundian Refugee Crisis in Tanzania- Thomas Doyle

Human Rights & Refugee Crisis It’s difficult to imagine what 163,000 people looks like, but that is the current estimate for the number of Burundians currently seeking refuge throughout neighboring Tanzania. To help put things in perspective, that is nearly 3 times the population of Charlottesville, or ten times the number of undergraduate students enrolled at The University of Virginia.… Read more →