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Uprisings in Poland: Solidaridad – Ellie Beuley

Uprisings in Poland: Solidaridad   As a member of the USSR, throughout the late twentieth century Poland was once again under the control of the Soviet Union/Russia. Since the late 1950’s the USSR had faced several uprisings like the ones in Hungary and Prague, and they had swiftly crushed them. However, by the time 1980 came around Brezhnev, the Soviet… Read more →

Warsaw Uprising and Operation Tempest: Uprisings in Poland – Ellie Beuley

Warsaw, the capital of Poland and a major hotbed for resistance during WWII, once again erupted in 1945. Since 1939, Poland had been held by Nazi forces, but as Red army forces approached citizens in Poland, especially Warsaw, were spurred into action. And once again Warsaw erupted in revolution against their Nazi oppressors, this movement was led by the Polish… Read more →

A Temporary Alliance? Polish Resistance Movement, The Catholic Church, and John Paul II – Marta Maliszewska

The church played an at first reserved, but eventually supportive role of anti-communist, democratic dissent in Poland. When democratic opposition began to grow in the 1970s, the Church was torn on maintaining their continued stance against the Communists. It was committed to preserving social peace and wanted to avoid a violent uprising at all costs (Bernstein). The clergy feared that… Read more →

November Insurrection: Uprisings in Poland (Elizabeth Beuley)

The November Insurrection, Polish–Russian War, or the Cadet Revolution: all names for the same event. An event where Poland once again rebelled against foreign captors. In 1830, Polish people in western Poland were sick of being a colony of the Russian empire and saw their only path to freedom was violent revolt. According to Fanon “decolonization is a violent phenomenon,”… Read more →

Blog Post 2 – The Church and Anti-Communist Resistance in Poland – Marta Maliszewska

In order to look at the change in religiosity in Poland now, I thought it would be important to first look at the history of the Roman Catholic church in Poland and determine why so many people were loyal to it in the first place. I’ve found that Poland remains such a religiously homogeneous country in large part because of… Read more →

Image sourced from: Religion in Poland wikipedia - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Religion_in_Poland

Poland and the Roman Catholic Church: Brewing Tension? – Marta Maliszewska

Poland is often thought of as a very religious country, with most of its citizens being followers of the Roman Catholic church. A poll done by Poland’s national statistics office in 2018 revealed that around 92% of Poles consider themselves Catholic, 81% believe in God, and 70% pray at least once weekly.  According to a survey done by Pew Research… Read more →

Wielkoplska Uprising: Uprisings in Poland

Uprisings in Poland:   Poland is a land of occupation with strong-willed people, who fight the regimes that constantly occupy their home. In the next few blog posts, I aim to explore a few specific Polish uprisings and why they happened. Wielkoplska is one of the largest and oldest provinces in Poland as well as the cradle of the Polish… Read more →