Deirdre Powell- The power of non-governmental organizations?

Topic: Human Rights  Region: Sub-Saharan Africa    In my first blog, I discussed a study in Kenya that is currently exploring the ways in which human rights can most effectively be protested. In my second blog, I looked at a specific case of human rights violations in Eritrea and raised questions concerning one country’s ethical responsibility to another in helping… Read more →

Methods of Education-Based Intervention within Latin America (Angel Martinez)

At a time of slow economic growth, it’s important to recognize that lower-income Latin American countries would have difficulty addressing the issue of education quality/equity due to financial constraints. However, Improving the quality of education in Latin American countries will be met with limited success if we simply provide schools with technological advancements.  Therefore, to be most effective in bringing… Read more →

Deirdre Powell- How do Human Rights Movements Fail? An Ongoing Case Study in Kenya

            What is the most effective way for activist groups to protest for human rights? Rather than looking at the successes in history, what if we looked at the failures? According to Professor Bob Press of the University of Southern Mississippi, the answer lies in studying how human rights movements fail (Arnold). The current research… Read more →