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Alyssa Hatakeyama-What Is Happening in India? COVID-19 and Pollution

In March, the astounding data had been announced to the globe, that, in China, the country widely known for having heavy smogs over years, have experienced more than 25% reduction in carbon emission due to the lockdown that caused 15-40% of industrial activities to be halted (Callway). In Venice, Italy, the canals are experiencing the pollutant reduction, welcoming the dolphins… Read more →

Maille-Rose Smith (ms5jr) Blog 3: Kashmir in Crisis, In Crisis

In the midst of the global COVID-19 crisis, press coverage of the Kashmir crisis has waned, but not completely died out. For the most part, Kashmir seems to have been relegated by the press to subheadings within articles about India’s response to the Coronavirus. On March 24, Vox reported on India’s coronavirus lockdown; three quarters of the way through the… Read more →

Gender Inequality in India

Though economic inequality in India is clearly a problem that worsens society overall, certain marginalized groups in particular face the consequences of poverty and wealth concentration. Cultural norms such as patrilineality and the dowry system contribute to their sharp gendering of Indian society. Moreover, the rising expectations for dowry payments over time endanger women in the form of dowry-related violence.… Read more →

New Delhi Riots: A Case Study

By: Saranya Kasinathuni (sk7ee) This past week, deadly riots broke out in New Delhi. The violence lasted for four days with a death toll of 42 people—a majority of them Muslim—and over 200 people injured; it is one of the worst religious rioting New Delhi has faced in decades (“New Delhi Riots”) The riots occurred when mostly Hindu supporters of… Read more →

Alyssa Hatakeyama-Development and India, Water Pollution

As summarized in the previous blog post, the fluid pollutions intensifying as the development of India advances are affecting large populations of Indian urban area. Focusing on the aspect of water pollution, the Ganges River, a main water source for 1 billion Indians, is being the source of debate over few years. In 2017, the court in the northern Indian state of… Read more →

India’s Muslim Community and the CAA

Paige Singer (pjs2bg) 02/13/2020 In my last post, I explored inequality in India with a focus on the economy. In this post, I am examining inequality with consideration for religion. Most of the population practices Hinduism (almost 80%), but the nation also has a variety of religious minorities including Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism (all of which originated in India), Christianity, and… Read more →

Maille-Rose Smith: The Media’s Portrayal and Personalization of Kashmir

In my last blog, I focused on the social and economic impacts of India restricting access to the internet in Kashmir – how lack of information and connection to the outside world influence Kashmiris and their attitudes towards the BJP. Now, to transpose this question, how has the global internet’s response to the Kashmir conflict affected Kashmiris and the BJP?… Read more →

Alyssa Hatakeyama-Development and Environment in India

In 1952, the residents in London experienced the backfire of their developments of the city enormously supported by industrial revolution. Lethal sulfurous smog covered the sky, killing four thousands of people and animal. Four years later, Parliaments passed the Clean Air Act in order to restrict the combustion of coal and encouraging citizens to shift the energy sources they are… Read more →

Maille-Rose Smith – Freedom of the Press in Kashmir

In this age of information, removal of the internet is more than an inconvenience; it thrusts businesses into the red, grinds trade to a halt, hinders students’ learning, and disconnects families and friends. Being pushed from modern times back into the “medieval,” as one Kashmiri puts it, incites panic, anger, and unrest (BBC News). Indeed, the very tactic used to… Read more →

The India Government’s Neglect Towards Their (& Our) Environment – Jack Anderson

India faces a large, although not entirely unique, problem in regards to their climate. With a population well over one billion, India is challenged with developing an economy (with a GDP per capita that is shockingly low at about USD 2100 equivalent (India)), maintaining political and social stability, all the while trying to improve their environmental pollution. Pollution rates, particularly… Read more →