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Chinese Forced Labor Products Sold Make Their Way into U.S Stores – Cece Blasingame

According to AP News, sportswear along with other products sold in the United States can be traced back to factories at Chinese internment camps in the Xinjiang region. The Associated Press discovered that Badger Sportswear in Statesville, North Carolina had been receiving shipments from a factory at a Chinese internment camp. Detainees at the camps revealed that “even people with… Read more →

Who Has the Authority to Declare What Human Rights Are? – Sety Abooali

Last week, China was appointed a spot on the United Nations Human Rights Council where they will play a key role in monitoring human rights, including freedom of speech, the right to health, enforced disappearances, and arbitrary detention. China’s appointment to this position has caused a global outcry, especially from the United States. Several republican senators have been pushing for… Read more →

State-backed violence towards protesters after referendum in Guinea|Thomas Doyle

In the past ten years, Guinea looked like it was making progress toward creating a more just society. The first democratically elected leader, Alpha Conde, who came to power in 2010, shared some similarities with the South African leader Nelson Mandela. They were both stars in their respective opposition parties, imprisoned by the state, and eventually became democratically elected leaders… Read more →

Laura Chattin – Ending Domestic Violence in Ethiopia

Arguments for and against Western humanitarian aid have been raging for as long as modern society has existed. While some would say that those with the means have a responsibility to help those who are experiencing hardships, there are many reasons as to why Western humanitarian intervention can be ineffective and/or harmful. In terms of domestic abuse in countries such… Read more →

The Rohingya Refugee Crisis: Health Spotlight – Muntaqa Zaman

Muntaqa Zaman, post #3 The health of the Rohingya refugees remains one of the most critical issues preventing the uplift of their situation. Many of these health barriers include lack of WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene), communicable diseases (such as cholera, measles, HIV, and diptheria), and most importantly, mental health. A report by the National Institute of Health states: “Mental… Read more →

Rebel Fighting in the Central African Republic and the Pandemic of Sexual Violence|Thomas Doyle

When the philosopher and author George Santayana once wrote: “Only the dead have seen the end of war,” he clearly understood that the trauma of warfare reaches far beyond those that are directly involved in the fighting and continues to affect people for the remainder of their lives. This long-term trauma of war is especially true for the women of… Read more →

Cece Blasingame: The Chinese Communist Party Defends Their Punishment System for Muslims in Xinjiang

Leaders of the Chinese Communist Party continue to defend the punishment system that they set in place for Muslims in Xinjiang against criticism from the United States by using loose terms such as “re-education” and by giving false impressions. Muslims’, predominately Uighurs, in Xinjiang, religious beliefs and practices threaten the Chinese government who “fear that adherence to the Muslim faith… Read more →

The Rohingya Refugee Crisis: Current Policies – Muntaqa Zaman

Muntaqa Zaman, post #2 Current policies regarding the Rohingya are based on the political climate. Myanmar is jointly ruled by the counselor San Suu Kyi and the military. She had been an advocate for democracy and even won a Nobel Peace Prize in 1991, but after the beginning of the concurrent rule, has not spoken up regarding the atrocities committed… Read more →

Australian government’s refusal to act on human rights violations — Cassie Korcel

Just this past week, the President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, stood before the Australian Parliament calling for an Indonesian-Australian alliance against “xenophopbia and intolerance” which threatens “democracy,” “diversity,” and “tolerance” across the world (Stayner). This is also seen in Hannah Ownby’s blog post uncovering the human rights violations as refugees on Manus Island began committing “suicide or self harm out… Read more →

Maille-Rose Smith: The Media’s Portrayal and Personalization of Kashmir

In my last blog, I focused on the social and economic impacts of India restricting access to the internet in Kashmir – how lack of information and connection to the outside world influence Kashmiris and their attitudes towards the BJP. Now, to transpose this question, how has the global internet’s response to the Kashmir conflict affected Kashmiris and the BJP?… Read more →