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What Can the Equal Rights Amendment Do for Women? – Stephanie Kasko

One of the questions asked, especially by opponents of the ERA, is what it can do for women that isn’t already possible. There is a sense that the protections that the ERA would extend to people are already possible and/or present. That’s certainly not the case, though.  One of the most important things that the Equal Rights Amendment can do… Read more →

Support for the Equal Rights Amendment – Stephanie Kasko

About three quarters of Americans support the Equal Rights Amendment, including a majority of both Democrats and Republicans. Support is softer among Republicans than it is among Democrats, though even among Republicans it had about 60% support (Washington). Interestingly, despite such high support for the amendment, many people either don’t fully see the need for the amendment, believing men and… Read more →

What Options Does the ERA Have? – Stephanie Kasko

There are essentially two paths forward for the Equal Rights Amendment. Either Congress can pass legislation to retroactively remove or extend the ratification deadline, given that 38 states have ratified it, or the ERA can be reintroduced and go through the ratification process again.   The first option is obviously the quicker one, but it’s also on uncertain legal footing.… Read more →