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UN-Habitat Director’s Outlook on Climate Disasters Worldwide

This article is focusing on an interview with Maimunah Mohn Sharif, who began working for UN-Habitat as the Executive Director two years ago. She oversees UN-Habitat’s projects with rebuilding war-torn areas, ensuring safety of developing cities against natural disasters, and planning new forms of refugee settlements which could evolve into cities. The article I found is focusing on an interview with her… Read more →

Bahrain: On the Frontlines of the Climate Crisis — Hunter Hess

Bahrain: On the Frontlines of the Climate Crisis By Hunter Hess   At this moment in time, Bahrain is at the center of the climate crisis. With rising temperatures and sea levels, high levels of plastic litter, and air pollution from the oil and gas industry, Bahrain is on the frontlines dealing the effects of climate change. In 2018, Bahrain… Read more →

Alyssa Hatakeyama- Indian Religion and American Economic Development

Hinduism, mainly practiced in India, is classified as polytheism, worshiping multiple figures of goddesses. Their gods can be the personification of nature (e.g. rivers, sun, and wind) and natural phenomena (e.g. creation and destruction). They also involve the legendary figures or other conceptual ideas as gods. Some people classify Hinduism as monotheism because the three gods who created the universe… Read more →

Alyssa Hatakeyama-Development and India, Water Pollution

As summarized in the previous blog post, the fluid pollutions intensifying as the development of India advances are affecting large populations of Indian urban area. Focusing on the aspect of water pollution, the Ganges River, a main water source for 1 billion Indians, is being the source of debate over few years. In 2017, the court in the northern Indian state of… Read more →

Reefs in Need — Evan Riegle

  The coral reefs around the Pacific and Australia have declined as pressures from both local and global human activity increase. Local activities range from overfishing to sunscreen pollution and global contribution to greenhouse gas emissions induce bleaching events and ocean acidification. Left unchecked, we stand to lose significantly in the marine tourism and fishing industries (Noaa). Corals are the… Read more →

Sophia Dietz: Australian Bushfires and the Cultural Memory of Aboriginal Communities

Since the severe Australian bushfires sparked in September, humanitarian efforts have largely focused on the millions of native animals killed and the numerous species endangered by the fires. However, little attention has been directed towards the Aboriginal Australians whose communities have been unimaginably devastated. Although the extinction and endangerment of native species are incredibly important for the health of Australian… Read more →

Blog Post 1 – Disastrous Floods in Brazil

As global climate change causes natural disasters to occur at unprecedented rates, more people will die and be displaced as a result. Due to the lack of safe infrastructure and resources to save those in states of emergency, the power dynamics will become more apparent, and more people will die in storms which occur in zones within Central and South… Read more →