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Tahrir Square: The Aftermath of a Revolution – Marisa Dinko

When analyzing the countries of the Arab Spring, and the uprisings that have sparked revolution throughout the nations, Egypt’s 2011 revolution provides an interesting case of the less commonly discussed aspect of revolution: the aftermath. During the Egyptian revolution in 2011, the historic Tahrir Square became the center of protest, community, and change. Tahrir Square is physically central to the… Read more →

Daniel Brooks — The Legacy of Mubarak

On Tuesday, February 25th, the long-time former president of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak, passed away. He was 91 years old and had ruled Egypt for three decades. Mubarak’s reign is often described by its authoritarian nature. For thirty years the Egyptian people were subject to the anger and greed of a man who would put his grasp on power before any… Read more →

Daniel Brooks — The Arab Winter

  The Arab Spring was a multi-nation response to oppressive regimes across the middle east. The very name carries a great sense of hope. Unfortunately, that hope has been dashed for the majority of participating countries. In this short blog, I will explore the “Arab Winter,” or, the authoritarian response to the Arab Spring. Only four countries saw a change… Read more →

Climate Change Clashes with Ancient Wonders in Egypt – Hunter Hess

Climate Change Clashes with Ancient Wonders in Egypt By Hunter Hess   The Great Egyptian Pyramids and The Great Sphinx are just a few of the wonderful, ancient historical and cultural sites in Egypt, but all of these wonders are in danger of damage and destruction from the effects of climate change. Flooding, downpours, and rising temperatures are just some climate-related… Read more →