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Alyssa Hatakeyama- Indian Religion and American Economic Development

Hinduism, mainly practiced in India, is classified as polytheism, worshiping multiple figures of goddesses. Their gods can be the personification of nature (e.g. rivers, sun, and wind) and natural phenomena (e.g. creation and destruction). They also involve the legendary figures or other conceptual ideas as gods. Some people classify Hinduism as monotheism because the three gods who created the universe… Read more →

Alyssa Hatakeyama-Development and India, Water Pollution

As summarized in the previous blog post, the fluid pollutions intensifying as the development of India advances are affecting large populations of Indian urban area. Focusing on the aspect of water pollution, the Ganges River, a main water source for 1 billion Indians, is being the source of debate over few years. In 2017, the court in the northern Indian state of… Read more →

Public Policy to Stimulate Innovation (Topic: Innovation in India)

In India, national policies have taken advantage of the country’s growing young population in order to encourage growth through innovation. Two central factors have helped to spur this newfound development: public-private partnerships and improved education. In “Indian Foreign Policy: An Overview,” the author Harsh Pant emphasizes the role of globalization-focused policies and foreign relations in India’s recent business outcomes. For… Read more →