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Kurdistan’s Response to Coronavirus Pandemic

In Kurdistan, the reported number of cases of COVID-19 is remarkably low due to precautions taken in late February to block off access to the region for non-residents. This is especially notable considering the high number of cases in Iran, Kurdistan’s neighbor to the east, that did not handle concerns over the virus as seriously and now has at least 70,000… Read more →

The Intersection of Man-Made and Natural Disasters in Yemen

The key to surviving a pandemic like the coronavirus is an efficient healthcare system. With war lasting for years in Yemen the healthcare system is left barely operating. They are not able to treat basic conditions like malnutrition and cholera much less a disease that wreaks havoc on hospitals throughout western society.    Reasons why the health care system in Yemen… Read more →

Concerns Rise for Indigenous Communities in the Face of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected communities all over the globe.  Just as Wuhan is lifting its lockdown and the numbers of new cases are starting to slow in Europe, COVID-19 is at the brink of becoming a major health emergency for Brazil’s indigenous people. On April 2, Brazil reported its first COVID-19 case among its indigenous population.  The patient is… Read more →

Philippines: Violence Continues as COVID-19 Spreads

Julia Paraiso — Blog Post 4 (Final Blog Post) The fear in the Philippines is spreading. In the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak around the world and now within the Philippines, President Duterte has decided to continue his war on drugs, while also expanding police brutality and killings to those who disobey quarantine restrictions. As of Thursday, total deaths reached… Read more →

Uyghur COVID-19 – Sanjida Azad

  These people in these camps have been deprived of basic human rights, yet 2020 has brought an even greater risk. With the rise of the coronavirus in China, these camps are especially vulnerable to contagious diseases due to a lack of medical resources and crammed cells. The camps are overcrowded and extremely unhygienic, creating perfect conditions for the coronavirus… Read more →

Coronavirus and its impact on French protests – Nina Robertson

Coronavirus has impacted the various forms of strikes and protests that are an essential part to French democracy. For instance, the Yellow Vests defied the coronavirus measures and still protested in Paris on the eve of local elections. They continue to protests against Macron as a sign that voters should still go to the polls for elections and the virus will not… Read more →

Maille-Rose Smith (ms5jr) Blog 3: Kashmir in Crisis, In Crisis

In the midst of the global COVID-19 crisis, press coverage of the Kashmir crisis has waned, but not completely died out. For the most part, Kashmir seems to have been relegated by the press to subheadings within articles about India’s response to the Coronavirus. On March 24, Vox reported on India’s coronavirus lockdown; three quarters of the way through the… Read more →

Coronavirus Tests China’s Ability to Censor Citizens

In my previous post, I discussed how China’s intense and widespread censorship over the internet pervades into the lives of its citizens and violates basic human rights elements, such as freedom of expression and opinion. In the past couple months, the quickly escalating threat that is coronavirus has been testing China’s ability to censor its people during a time that… Read more →

Bridget Murphy- Coronavirus Affecting the Market Greatly, What Will Happen Next?

     Fear regarding the spread of coronavirus has caused the stock market to fall drastically in the past few days (https://www.nytimes.com/2020/02/28/business/stock-market-today-coronavirus.html). This has caused the Federal Reserve to say that they would be willing to take action if the outbreak gets any worse. This action would likely involve cutting interest rates to try to help stimulate the economy to counteract the… Read more →

Centralization of Power in China: (2) Disease Damage Control (Jaden Evans)

Jaden Evans:   49,053 reported cases across 24 countries—1,383 deaths in three countries (WHO, Coronavirus). The novel coronavirus outbreak has been declared a “global emergency” by the World Health Organization, and is an evolving worldwide epidemic.  In December of 2019, when the disease first broke out in the Hubei province of China, the threat seemed to be an opportunity for… Read more →