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UN-Habitat Director’s Outlook on Climate Disasters Worldwide

This article is focusing on an interview with Maimunah Mohn Sharif, who began working for UN-Habitat as the Executive Director two years ago. She oversees UN-Habitat’s projects with rebuilding war-torn areas, ensuring safety of developing cities against natural disasters, and planning new forms of refugee settlements which could evolve into cities. The article I found is focusing on an interview with her… Read more →

Climate Change Clashes with Ancient Wonders in Egypt – Hunter Hess

Climate Change Clashes with Ancient Wonders in Egypt By Hunter Hess   The Great Egyptian Pyramids and The Great Sphinx are just a few of the wonderful, ancient historical and cultural sites in Egypt, but all of these wonders are in danger of damage and destruction from the effects of climate change. Flooding, downpours, and rising temperatures are just some climate-related… Read more →

Blog Post 2 – Puerto Ricans Demand Disaster Relief Funding from HUD

Puerto Rican community leaders alongside U.S. Senator Richard Blumanthal in demanding HUD (Department and Urban Development) release the disaster relief funding for the island, which should amount to $4.7 billion dollars at this point in aid from the two hurricanes and a series of earthquakes over the past years. This amount was approved by the House of Representatives, but even… Read more →

Blog Post 1 – Disastrous Floods in Brazil

As global climate change causes natural disasters to occur at unprecedented rates, more people will die and be displaced as a result. Due to the lack of safe infrastructure and resources to save those in states of emergency, the power dynamics will become more apparent, and more people will die in storms which occur in zones within Central and South… Read more →