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Chinese Forced Labor Products Sold Make Their Way into U.S Stores – Cece Blasingame

According to AP News, sportswear along with other products sold in the United States can be traced back to factories at Chinese internment camps in the Xinjiang region. The Associated Press discovered that Badger Sportswear in Statesville, North Carolina had been receiving shipments from a factory at a Chinese internment camp. Detainees at the camps revealed that “even people with… Read more →

Who Has the Authority to Declare What Human Rights Are? – Sety Abooali

Last week, China was appointed a spot on the United Nations Human Rights Council where they will play a key role in monitoring human rights, including freedom of speech, the right to health, enforced disappearances, and arbitrary detention. China’s appointment to this position has caused a global outcry, especially from the United States. Several republican senators have been pushing for… Read more →

Uyghur COVID-19 – Sanjida Azad

  These people in these camps have been deprived of basic human rights, yet 2020 has brought an even greater risk. With the rise of the coronavirus in China, these camps are especially vulnerable to contagious diseases due to a lack of medical resources and crammed cells. The camps are overcrowded and extremely unhygienic, creating perfect conditions for the coronavirus… Read more →

Cece Blasingame: The Chinese Communist Party Defends Their Punishment System for Muslims in Xinjiang

Leaders of the Chinese Communist Party continue to defend the punishment system that they set in place for Muslims in Xinjiang against criticism from the United States by using loose terms such as “re-education” and by giving false impressions. Muslims’, predominately Uighurs, in Xinjiang, religious beliefs and practices threaten the Chinese government who “fear that adherence to the Muslim faith… Read more →

Centralization of Power in China: (2) Disease Damage Control (Jaden Evans)

Jaden Evans:   49,053 reported cases across 24 countries—1,383 deaths in three countries (WHO, Coronavirus). The novel coronavirus outbreak has been declared a “global emergency” by the World Health Organization, and is an evolving worldwide epidemic.  In December of 2019, when the disease first broke out in the Hubei province of China, the threat seemed to be an opportunity for… Read more →

Censorship Limiting Free Speech in China: Silencing of Coronavirus Whistle-blowers – Isabel Wheeler

As China’s global influence grows, many of its human rights violations now have international implications. The Wuhan coronavirus has affected thousands of people in and beyond China. The death of Chinese Dr. Li Wenliang on February 9, 2020 after contracting the virus has caused widespread attention and frustration throughout China because Dr. Li was silenced as he attempted to share… Read more →

Les Misérables as the Unofficial Anthem in China – Nina Robertson

Media can have a chain effect on the way that people get behind a movement. When music and songs are heard by many people it can act as a common force as strong as a tidal wave. The famous novel and musical, Les Misérables have been the roar of many people’s miseries in the past, whether that be in the… Read more →

International Response to Uygher Muslim Concentration Camps

  The Xinjiang camps for Uyghur Muslims have gained an international level. The Xinjiang camp is considered a horrific campaign of repression. It is currently condemned by 22 nations in the UN. However, there are about 37 nations that have defended these horrid acts. According to the US government, around 10 percent of the Uyghur population of XIangiang is locked… Read more →

Human Rights in China: Lao Gai Camps – Cece Blasingame

The United Nations defines human rights as “the rights inherent to all human beings,” including “the right of life and liberty, freedom from slavery and torture, freedom of opinion and expression, the right to work and education, and more;” its council includes five permanent members: China, France, the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom, and the United States (Nations). During the… Read more →