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Australian government’s refusal to act on human rights violations — Cassie Korcel

Just this past week, the President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, stood before the Australian Parliament calling for an Indonesian-Australian alliance against “xenophopbia and intolerance” which threatens “democracy,” “diversity,” and “tolerance” across the world (Stayner). This is also seen in Hannah Ownby’s blog post uncovering the human rights violations as refugees on Manus Island began committing “suicide or self harm out… Read more →

Sophia Dietz: Australian Religious Discrimination Bill — “A Trojan Horse for Hate”

A revised religious freedom bill was proposed in December 2019 by Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, against which religious institutions and social organizations alike are speaking out. The bill would protect certain statements of belief and the refusal of medical treatment on a religious basis; Uniting Vic. Tas chief executive Bronwyn Pike states “we don’t like the direction of the… Read more →

Climate refugees can now seek asylum after UN Human Rights ruling — Cassie Korcel

The Australian bushfires have gained the attention of the world on a global scale concerning the effects of climate change. However, this brought foward news on the UN Human Rights Committee and its landmark ruling that “governments must take into account climate-related human rights violations when they consider deporting asylum seekers” (Wasuka). Not only had this never been done before,… Read more →

Sophia Dietz: Australian Bushfires and the Cultural Memory of Aboriginal Communities

Since the severe Australian bushfires sparked in September, humanitarian efforts have largely focused on the millions of native animals killed and the numerous species endangered by the fires. However, little attention has been directed towards the Aboriginal Australians whose communities have been unimaginably devastated. Although the extinction and endangerment of native species are incredibly important for the health of Australian… Read more →

Australian Bushfires Ravage the Country’s Landscapes; Human Health Put At Risk – Michaela Moran

Australian Bushfires Ravage the Country’s Landscapes   It’s no secret that Australia is one of the most biologically diverse countries in the world. It’s home to over a million different species, many of which can be found nowhere else in the world. High levels of biodiversity boosts ecosystem productivity where each species has an important role to play. And greater… Read more →