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Where it Ends

Hamza Al Ameen Apr 15th Blog 4 Where it Ends   “I have nothing left to lose so I will never leave this protest,” said Shamari in an interview with VOA News. (Murdock, Voice of America, 2019). Shamari lost his family, and home after they were boomed in a confrontation with the Islamic State in Fallujah, Iraq. After losing everything,… Read more →

Emma Anderson: The “No Dating” Movement and Combatting Anti-Feminists in South Korea

There has been a recent surge in Korean women participating in a radical feminist movement that has been entitled “4B” or “The Four Nos,” no dating, no sex, and no marriage. The movement has been formed in protest of the patriarchal setting in which, according to one woman, “being highly educated also becomes a minus point. What matters the most… Read more →

Technology as a Uniting Force of Change: Oman — Marisa Dinko

It is no secret that we are living in a “digital age,” with more access to international communication and connection that ever before. However, social media and the internet play vastly different roles depending on the region using it. Specifically, social media provides a unique platform for mass resistance and grass-roots organizing. While we may see online movements like #MeToo… Read more →

Uprisings in Poland: Solidaridad – Ellie Beuley

Uprisings in Poland: Solidaridad   As a member of the USSR, throughout the late twentieth century Poland was once again under the control of the Soviet Union/Russia. Since the late 1950’s the USSR had faced several uprisings like the ones in Hungary and Prague, and they had swiftly crushed them. However, by the time 1980 came around Brezhnev, the Soviet… Read more →

Beza Gashe – A Step Forward

Known as the public order laws, these restrictions were deliberately designed to “exclude and intimidate [Sudanese] women from actively participating in public life” (BBC News). The authorities had the power to control what they wore, who they saw and spoke to in public, and any position or job that they held. The power of these laws came from how vague… Read more →

Michael McClafferty — Protest-art in Iraq Demonstrations

Response to COVID-19 has seen the closure of several public spaces in Iraq and the lack of successful change amid increasing arrests has resulted in the protest movement coming to a standstill. In light of these events, and in response to several readings this semester, I have decided to focus this final blog entry on Iraqi protest-art produced during the… Read more →

State-backed violence towards protesters after referendum in Guinea|Thomas Doyle

In the past ten years, Guinea looked like it was making progress toward creating a more just society. The first democratically elected leader, Alpha Conde, who came to power in 2010, shared some similarities with the South African leader Nelson Mandela. They were both stars in their respective opposition parties, imprisoned by the state, and eventually became democratically elected leaders… Read more →

Coronavirus and its impact on French protests – Nina Robertson

Coronavirus has impacted the various forms of strikes and protests that are an essential part to French democracy. For instance, the Yellow Vests defied the coronavirus measures and still protested in Paris on the eve of local elections. They continue to protests against Macron as a sign that voters should still go to the polls for elections and the virus will not… Read more →

Blog #4 Anonymity, the Yellow Vest Protests, and French nationalism

By Avani Casey (amc7yd) I wonder if the system of anonymity for the protests is a facet of the French universalism we talked about in class (people’s identity is French first). Perhaps this type of nationalism leads to a different mentality, even in dissent. However, in a Washington Post article, a French television host was quoted as saying “Whiteness is… Read more →

COVID-19 brings Islamophobia to all time high in India

Amidst concerns regarding COVID-19 and Prime Minister Modi’s 21-day lockdown to prevent the spread of COVID-19, coronavirus fears and religious tensions were at an all-time high, and it didn’t take long for the both to exacerbate each other. Recently, Indian authorities traced back a plethora of COVID-19 cases to the annual congregation of the Tablighi Jamaat group (Muslim missionary group)… Read more →