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Inequality in India: Implications for Coronavirus (Paige Singer)

Paige Singer Though nations across the globe are all facing devastation and loss due to the spread of coronavirus, India’s institutions and cultural norms have raised unique issues within the country related to the virus. Pallavi Pundir highlights how the issue of overcrowding in Indian houses makes social distancing particularly difficult. After a doctor advised home isolation for a woman,… Read more →

Mahima Reddy: The Nigerian identity amidst COVID-19

In light of recent events, this final blog post will seek to understand if the COVID-19 pandemic favors the concept of a unified or ethnically fragmented Nigerian identity. In addition to exploring whether Nigeria’s sense of nationhood is reflected in its response to the COVID-19 pandemic, this post will analyze how the nation interacts with Western powers that have had… Read more →

The Inequalities Surrounding the COVID-19 Pandemic–Ebenezer Sampong

How can we think about inequality in sub-Saharan Africa in the midst of the global pandemic? One way I believe we can look at it is the disproportionate effects on different people, in a way that may not always been deliberate, but still has dangerous, if not deadly effects. However, “several MPs in Botswana have been caught breaking their self-isolation… Read more →

Uyghurs Face A New Threat- Sfa Khalid

Amongst the outbreak of COVID-19, the Uyghurs Muslims stuck in the so called “vocational training centers” have demanded three things: for WTO to evaluate the virus in their region, release the millions of detainees and close the camps, send medical aid along with humanitarian support for the region (The Diplomat). Already being imprisoned against their will and deprived of basic… Read more →

Grace George Blog 4

Part of the problem to solve environmental problems in sub-Saharan Africa is a failure to understand the source of the problems. Environmental problems are often blamed upon the wrong source, and this can have both environmental and social justice repercussions. Environmental repercussions include issues and problems not being addressed or getting worse. Social justice repercussions involve racist ideas being perpetuated… Read more →

Freedom of Speech in Russia- Charlotte Veator

But the Russian government’s interference with the human rights of its citizens is not always as blatant, shocking, or frankly, as unacceptable, as the previously mentioned circumstances make it seem. Arguably the most contested, controversial, easily abused, and yet crucial human right, upon which the entire system of American government seems to be predicated, is the right to freedom of… Read more →

Arizona Ritchie

Arizona Ritchie   Overview of Israeli/Palestinian Environment, Disaster, and Sustainability Blog 4   For my fourth and final blog, I will be diverting from the environmental state of Israel/Palestine and instead, focusing on ideas from Professor Levinson’s lecture slides. Although many people disagree on who is at fault for the tensions between Palestine and Israel, there is one point that is… Read more →

Cat Culling in Australia

House cats, Felis Catus, were inadvertently introduced to the Australian mainland around Sydney in 1788. Through the next two centuries, feral cats established “a permanent foothold across 99.8 percent of the country” with high population density to match. Australia’s native species, after “millions of years of isolation,” have been blindsided by a new “predatory order.” Since 1788, 34 mammal species… Read more →