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Blog Post 3- Transactional relationships in Sub-Saharan African universities

Another under-looked contribution to student knowingly engaging in these transactional relationships is the family structure and family support in the life of the student. Many studies in Africa and globally have documented the influence of family structure on youth and adolescents’ outcomes, such as academic achievement, health and well-being, but less have been dedicated (especially in Africa) to how it… Read more →

North Korea Mini-Blog (Jimmy Flood)

Just a mini-update for anybody prowling this blog right now. The condition of current North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is questionable, with a Japanese newspaper reporting that he is in a vegetative state and a Chinese News Executive claiming he is dead. Apparently China has sent a medical team to see to his well-being after undergoing heart surgery. This… Read more →

COVID-19 and Immigration Rights in New Zealand

With everything that is going on in the world amongst the COVID-19 outbreak and crisis, it is easy to focus on our personal needs. However, during this time it is essential that we ensure the safety and well being of the most vulnerable. This includes minority communities, the homeless, and immigrants. As previously discussed, New Zealand has controversial immigration policies,… Read more →

Poor Outcomes because of High Spending (con’t) – Katie Bae

Moving on to administrative costs, in the United States, the mode of decentralization within the private sector results in multiple insurance companies, instead of one, overarching system, which means hospitals and physician offices will need extra administrative help. Not only will this increase administrative costs, but having increased personnel and more people involved in the medical process will also lead… Read more →

Blog 4 – Carrie-Anne Warner, The Faults in the US Justice System

There are many individuals who are trying to bring justice to the wrongly convicted, such as Bryan Stevenson in Walter McMillian’s case. He successfully established the Equal Justice Initiative whose mission is to free the wrongfully convicted. Similar projects, like the Innocence Project exonerate the wrongfully convicted through DNA testing; and reforms the criminal justice system to prevent future injustices… Read more →

The Rohingya Refugee Crisis: Humanitarian Efforts – Muntaqa Zaman

Muntaqa Zaman, post #4 Current humanitarian efforts regarding the Rohingya were ongoing as of 2019, but have slowed down considerably since the outbreak of COVID-19, or the novel coronavirus. Humanitarian assistance can come in two main overarching forms: advocacy and aid. Aid is being continually provided to the Rohingya in camps in Bangladesh, both through local and international organizations. Additionally,… Read more →

Sam Brewbaker Blog 4: India’s Response to COVID-19

Blog 4: India’s Response to COVID-19 The worldwide outbreak of COVID-19, while devastating, has afforded a rare opportunity in politics—the ability to see governments of different types react to similar situations. For India, the disease’s outbreak may have been an opportunity for the BJP government to improve their blemished record; however, their response to this disease has been characteristically draconian… Read more →

Coronavirus and Castes in India

With Modi’s order for India to remain in lockdown, the country is more isolated than it has ever been before. For a country that still adheres for the most part to a rigid social caste system, the social distancing that is occurring through the coronavirus outbreak is only making its citizens more isolated. In fact, after the announcement for a… Read more →

Daniel Brooks — Where do we go from here?

  Earlier this week, Rami Aman, a Palestinian living in the Gaza Strip, was arrested for attempting to normalize relations between Palestinians and Israelis online. The news was broken by Iyad Al-Bazm, who is affiliated with the Ministry of the Interior of the Gaza Strip. Since 2007, the Gaza Strip has been governed by Hamas, a Palestinian, fundamentalist authority (Black… Read more →