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Impact of Coronavirus on Foreign Relations -Anna Faulks

Coronavirus has grown to a worldwide phenomenon, impacting all facets of life around the world including international relations and terrorism. One instance of this halting of international affairs is the cease-fire declared by Saudi-Arabia in Yemen. The conflict there has been going on for five years against the Houthis and to restore the Yemeni government. If the cease-fire is successful,… Read more →

Noah Widelo: Drug Trafficking and Organized Crime in Mexico

Another negative externality of drug trafficking from Mexico’s largest drug cartels is money laundering. Money laundering schemes are such a complicated and interesting topic that one of Netflix’s most popular shows, Ozark, tells the story of its microeconomic and macroeconomic effects. Money laundering is the concealment of illegally obtained money from drug sales involving foreign banks and legitimate business. Uneducated… Read more →

How China used Artificial Intelligence to suppress COVID-19 – Veena Ramesh

With the Chinese government’s rather unique ability to access Chinese citizens’ data, China was able to contain the spread of COVID-19 with the use of location data. These advanced techniques were used in addition to the draconian procedures employed. Smartphones with enabled Location Services give network providers an exact record of when and where a user was. Due to the… Read more →

Virtue and Terror: Security in the Time of Global Pandemic

Blog post by E.J. Davis (ejd4es)   A brief respite from discussions of terror and terrorism seemed fitting for this week as the world anxiously watches and waits during this season of pandemic. As a result of this, it seemed reasonable for a discussion of security within the German and French context to arise. What does a nation do when… Read more →

ByteDance and Censorship in China – Veena Ramesh

ByteDance, an internet-technology and content creating company in Beijing, China, is an international company. Notably, it is the company that manages and owns TikTok, a social networking application that has grown tremendously in the past few months; in 2019, it was one of the most downloaded mobile apps of the decade.    In 2012, ByteDance started off as a news… Read more →

Rebel Fighting in the Central African Republic and the Pandemic of Sexual Violence|Thomas Doyle

When the philosopher and author George Santayana once wrote: “Only the dead have seen the end of war,” he clearly understood that the trauma of warfare reaches far beyond those that are directly involved in the fighting and continues to affect people for the remainder of their lives. This long-term trauma of war is especially true for the women of… Read more →

Grace Leffler–Practice Versus Thought in Spain

Is Spain’s far right party, Vox, becoming representative of the country’s mainstream ideologies? Vox’s economic ideologies do not seem to align with that of other Spanish parties. Just three days ago, Spain reportedly approved an aggressive plan to reduce its deficit that is more extreme than the European Commission’s guidelines; Spain’s center-right Ciudadanos and far-left Unidas Podemos supported this proposal… Read more →

Noah Widelo: Drug Trafficking and Organized Crime in Mexico

As previously mentioned before, Mexican drug cartels make massive amounts of money moving illegal narcotics into the United States. However, the effects of having violent, unhinged cartels located within Mexico’s borders accounts for rising rates in drug-use. The president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, has pushed for amending the nation’s drug laws. The logical reasoning is that after the drug components… Read more →

U.S.- Israel alliance entering the election- Grace Farmer

On Twitter this week, I saw our fifth-district Congressman, Denver Riggleman, reply to Senator Bernie Sanders in a statement he made about Israel. Congressman Riggleman is a supporter of the US-Israel alliance, so I was curious to look into this further. While looking, I discovered that the issues in Israel/Palestine have been a hot topic on Sanders’ campaign trail this… Read more →