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Australia’s Refugee Detention Centers Ignore COVID-19 Concerns | Hannah Ownby

As the novel Coronavirus continues it’s deadly spread around the globe, refugees imprisoned in Australia’s detention centers fear the worst. Many refugees have been trapped in Australia’s immigration detention program for many years. While many of them were released from the horrifying conditions in the offshore island centers like Manus and Nauru, they are still being subjected to inhumane treatment… Read more →

COVID-19 and Refugee/Asylee law — Sophie Wagner

COVID-19 and Refugee/Asylee Law Like many other students’ entries this time around, my blog will focus on the impacts of COVID-19 on my topic. The effects of the coronavirus pandemic on refugee and asylee law is extremely important yet not covered in normal cycles of mainstream media, which tends to center on the progression and projection of the virus and… Read more →

The Effects of COVID-19 in French and German Refugee Centers

Chloe Iurillo – Blog Post #4 The COVID-19 breakout has left no population unaffected, however refugees across the globe are especially suffering due to the virus. Not only are many refugee camps and sites at increased risk of exposure due to their necessity for close proximity, but the crisis has effectively put every other pressing issue on the back burner,… Read more →

The “Sardines” Movement and Migration Policy in Italy – Alexandra Hartman

  On January 26th, 2020, Stefano Bonacci, the gubernatorial candidate of Italy’s center-left Democratic Party (DP) in the region of Emilia-Romagna, won 51.4% of the vote to defeat the candidate of the right-wing coalition including the populist 5 Star Movement and Matteo Salvini’s League party. The contest was seen as an important defeat for the populist coalition, which won control… Read more →

Ben Stoffel Blog 3– Refugees in Israel and Palestine

Recent efforts have attempted to make a sort of slipshod mend of Israeli-Palestinian relations in the Middle East, as highlighted by the Trump Administration’s efforts in the region over the last few months. A “Peace” Plan offered by the administration in late January attempted to finally make a full demarcation of Palestinian and Israeli confines, yet this plan excluded several… Read more →

Olivia Childs: COVID-19 in Cox’s Bazar

Cox’s Bazar confirmed its first case of COVID-19 on March 24th. A vaccine solution is months away and there is no capacity to stop the outbreak in the refugee camps, meaning the virus will likely circulate in the crowded space for months to come. In Cox’s Bazar, both social distancing and hygienic preparation are fantasies as the population density is… Read more →

Elise Johnston– Blog Post 4 (

Europe’s Role in the Greece Refugee Crisis   After years of threatening to unleash the refugees his county hosts upon the rest of Europe, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the current president of Turkey, has started to encourage Turkish refugees to approach the Greek border in attempts to enter European Union territory. In response, Greece increased both their land and sea military… Read more →

Australia’s immigration detention system under scrutiny ahead of UN inspections | Hannah Ownby

In 2017, Australia ratified the Optional Protocol to the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (OPCAT). As part of that treaty, Australia is subject to regular inspection of places where people are deprived of liberty. The Australia OPCAT Network, a body with an interest in ensuring the implementation of OPCAT, released a report on the status of… Read more →

Nauru Detention Center: A Nightmare for Refugee Children | Hannah Ownby

As part of Austrailia’s “PNG solution”, an immigration policy that shipped asylum seekers to islands off of Papa New Guinea, many people seeking asylum were put in a detention center on Nauru island from 2012-2019. Among those refugees were many children. As more information about the conditions on Nauru came out, many human rights groups began calling for the immediate… Read more →