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Bridget Murphy – Continued Uncertainty With Coronavirus

Around 3 months ago, COVID-19 seemed like a tragedy, but one that would not impact our immediate communities so greatly as it has. What felt like a terrible disease in China has turned into a worldwide pandemic. Schools are closed, businesses are closed, insane amounts of people have been laid off or furloughed. But the biggest impact that I have seen… Read more →

Chinese Response to COVID-19 and Impacts on Global Reputation – Joshua Blaha

Since my last blog entry on health and poverty in China, coronavirus has become a global pandemic, with several countries overtaking China in number of cases (including the United States).  With Europe and the United States being hit the hardest, the Chinese government has seized the opportunity to ramp up production of medical supplies to ship out to these locations.… Read more →

Social Consequences of the Coronavirus by Ben Ke

One of the unfortunate, global consequences brought about by the coronavirus epidemic is the increased xenophobia directed toward Chinese people and people perceived to be Chinese. Out in public, people of Asian descent have been harrassed on baseless claims that they are sick or are responsible for the epidemic. In New Jersey, an 11-year-old student was reported to say “You’re… Read more →

The Link Between Climate Change and Coronavirus – Ben Coleman

As COVID-19 has spread throughout the world and impacted numerous nations, it has come to dominate discussion and public policy at the expense of other issues, including climate change. However, while COVID-19 poses a much more immediate threat, evidence shows that the two are linked in such a way that suggests that the two issues will exacerbate the other and… Read more →

The Arab Spring Uprisings: An Economic Success?

An underlying theme amongst the uprisings that occurred throughout North Africa during the spring of 2011 surrounds the discouraging expectations of prosperity held by the educated youth of this region and the implications of such uprisings on the future economies of these nations. A number of participating populations, including those of the three previously mentioned countries, Egypt, Libya, and Tunisia,… Read more →

Blog Post #4 – Coronavirus Wrecks Havoc on Unemployment and Small Businesses

As China’s economy continues to struggle due to uncertainty stemming from the coronavirus pandemic, unemployment continues to rise in mainland China and thousands of small-businesses are struggling to keep their doors open. The cumulative effects of these problems will seriously impact China’s GDP and scars will remain long after this pandemic is over. Since the beginning of the pandemic in… Read more →

Poverty and Healthcare: How does communism come into play? – Esther Xu

China has been fighting to improve their healthcare system for decade. Ever since the onset of the Chinese revolution, The Chinese Communist Party has made public health a primary objective to improve. During Mao Zedong’s rule, public health initiatives were simultaneously political campaigns, as he used healthcare promises as forms of propaganda (Zhou). As Mao Zedong preached, he aimed to… Read more →

Seeking Humanity Amid the Crisis – McClain Moran

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, some Israelis and Palestinians have found common humanity. Palestinian authorities have very limited resources, especially in occupied territories, and have been relying on Israeli kits and training. In return, Israel has relied on Palestinian hospital staff and manual labor (NPR). Tens of thousands of Palestinians left their families in the occupied West Bank… Read more →

Health v. Economy v. Poverty-Kayla Lundberg #4

If current events haven’t made it clear yet, money makes the world go around—but so does health apparently. One cannot make that said money without the physical or mental capacity and wellbeing to do so. But, in order to have a functional, effective healthcare system and therefore good health for the general population, financial resources are necessary. So—to get this… Read more →