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Support for the Equal Rights Amendment – Stephanie Kasko

About three quarters of Americans support the Equal Rights Amendment, including a majority of both Democrats and Republicans. Support is softer among Republicans than it is among Democrats, though even among Republicans it had about 60% support (Washington). Interestingly, despite such high support for the amendment, many people either don’t fully see the need for the amendment, believing men and… Read more →

Whose Responsibility is it? : Food Insecurity in America

One of the main issues affecting people all across the globe is the fact that good, healthy food has become a luxury product. Food deserts are popping up everywhere and contributing to the increasing obesity epidemic. Food deserts are places that have insufficient grocery stores, and whose supermarkets sale little to no fresh produce, so people have to resort to… Read more →

Sex Trafficking in Northern Virginia, Caleigh McDonough

Sex Trafficking in Northern Virginia, Caleigh McDonough   In my last blog, I described the risk factors for human trafficking, and specifically sex trafficking. I mention the vulnerable demographic of Latina women, and how they disproportionately suffer from this atrocity. However, other populations are not invulnerable to human trafficking, as hotspots exist in communities of all demographic backgrounds. My home… Read more →

What Does Decolonization Mean? (Jacquelyn Kim)

Decolonization at its core refers very specifically to dismantling colonial structures and ideologies, addressing pervasive power balances, and the repatriation of land to Indigenous peoples. For non-Indigenous people, as defined by one guide to decolonization and indigenization, decolonization is “the process of examining your beliefs about Indigenous Peoples and culture by learning about yourself in relationship to the communities where… Read more →

Noah Widelo: Drug Trafficking and Organized Crime in Mexico

Blog 2 It is important to understand the dynamics of the drug trafficking organizations. The major drug trafficking groups originating in Mexico is always evolving with the challenges from competition, changing markets, and increased regulation. It is widely debated how many definite drug trafficking organizations exist to date. During the decade of the 2010’s, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration has… Read more →

What Options Does the ERA Have? – Stephanie Kasko

There are essentially two paths forward for the Equal Rights Amendment. Either Congress can pass legislation to retroactively remove or extend the ratification deadline, given that 38 states have ratified it, or the ERA can be reintroduced and go through the ratification process again.   The first option is obviously the quicker one, but it’s also on uncertain legal footing.… Read more →

#2 Sex Trafficking of Latina Victims in the U.S. – Caleigh McDonough

Human Trafficking in North America (Cmm6dx) Blog 2: Sex Trafficking of Latina Victims in the U.S. In my last blog, I explained the scope of the issue of human trafficking in North America and introduced risk factors that increase an individual’s vulnerability to human trafficking. Some of these factors include recent migration or relocation, substance use, unstable housing, homeless youth,… Read more →

Whose Responsibility is it? : From Your Plate to Natural Disasters

    According to a recent report conducted by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, catastrophic effects of global warming could make climate change irreversible by 2030 (Ecotricity). Ten years from now the damage that humans have inflicted on earth will be permanent. This is mainly caused by the degradation of earth’s ecosystems, especially sea life. Coral Reefs play… Read more →

Blog Post 2 – Puerto Ricans Demand Disaster Relief Funding from HUD

Puerto Rican community leaders alongside U.S. Senator Richard Blumanthal in demanding HUD (Department and Urban Development) release the disaster relief funding for the island, which should amount to $4.7 billion dollars at this point in aid from the two hurricanes and a series of earthquakes over the past years. This amount was approved by the House of Representatives, but even… Read more →

Land Reparations for Indigenous Communities in North America (Jacquelyn Kim)

With rapidly accelerating climate change and increasing concerns about its irreversible effects, the urgent pursuit of solutions has amplified long-standing discourse about the relationships between Indigenous peoples and their original lands and subsequently also the concept of land reparations. Central to the concept of land reparations in North America specifically is a critical understanding of both European settler colonialism and… Read more →