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Television and Film in Sub-Saharan Africa by Myles Darby

Additionally, another medium of large influence has been television. Television originated in sub-Saharan Africa in the late 1950s. While it was mainly used for entertainment, it contrasts to America in the fact that television isn’t a popular medium. One of the reasons for this centers around the fact that it is a media inaccessible to many, and “remains a symbol… Read more →

Radio in Sub-Saharan Africa by Myles Darby

Another medium that colonialism and neo colonialism have been exercised through, has been the radio. Unlike print media, radio was introduced much later in sub-Saharan Africa, in the 1920s. Once radio became more developed, the British and French began to exploit this medium, like the radio, and used it as a means to assimilate the Africans. However, this colonization was… Read more →

Loss– Hannah Maupin

Why does any of this matter? The restrictions and pressures exerted on the lives of idols lead to psychological stress that prove too extensive for some to bear. Kim Jonghyun, an ex-member of the successful boy group Shinee, took his own life in December of 2017 via carbon monoxide poisoning (McCurry). In the note that he left behind, he cited… Read more →

Uyghurs Face A New Threat- Sfa Khalid

Amongst the outbreak of COVID-19, the Uyghurs Muslims stuck in the so called “vocational training centers” have demanded three things: for WTO to evaluate the virus in their region, release the millions of detainees and close the camps, send medical aid along with humanitarian support for the region (The Diplomat). Already being imprisoned against their will and deprived of basic… Read more →

Emma Anderson: The “No Dating” Movement and Combatting Anti-Feminists in South Korea

There has been a recent surge in Korean women participating in a radical feminist movement that has been entitled “4B” or “The Four Nos,” no dating, no sex, and no marriage. The movement has been formed in protest of the patriarchal setting in which, according to one woman, “being highly educated also becomes a minus point. What matters the most… Read more →

Social Media and the Persistent Cultural Force of Nollywood

Paige Hillman As Nigeria’s film industry continues to flourish in its home country, serving as an artistic vehicle of cultural expression despite periodic struggles against censorship and low budgeting, its global impact has only grown. In the era of social media, a resurgence of stills from old-school Nollywood have appeared in meme-format — exposing a new foreign audience to the… Read more →

Uyghur COVID-19 – Sanjida Azad

  These people in these camps have been deprived of basic human rights, yet 2020 has brought an even greater risk. With the rise of the coronavirus in China, these camps are especially vulnerable to contagious diseases due to a lack of medical resources and crammed cells. The camps are overcrowded and extremely unhygienic, creating perfect conditions for the coronavirus… Read more →