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Beyond sexism: a broader look at social discrimination in Japan

Noel Higgason In my third blog post, I partially attributed Japan’s abysmal gender equality ratings to sexist attitudes ingrained in Japanese culture.  Japanese women are prevented from rising to positions of power in the workplace and in other realms because they are deemed unfit based on their gender.  Workplace discrimination has become normalized and expected.   Because I have been… Read more →

Loss– Hannah Maupin

Why does any of this matter? The restrictions and pressures exerted on the lives of idols lead to psychological stress that prove too extensive for some to bear. Kim Jonghyun, an ex-member of the successful boy group Shinee, took his own life in December of 2017 via carbon monoxide poisoning (McCurry). In the note that he left behind, he cited… Read more →

The Significance of the Postponing of the Tokyo Olympics (Jimmy Flood)

     To call our current global situation unprecedented would be an understatement. Though the human race has faced pandemics before, the COVID-19 Pandemic has introduced social disruptions that many younger and older people alike have never experienced. Just one example comes from the postponement of the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo to 2021.      The Olympics is arguably… Read more →

Emma Anderson: The “No Dating” Movement and Combatting Anti-Feminists in South Korea

There has been a recent surge in Korean women participating in a radical feminist movement that has been entitled “4B” or “The Four Nos,” no dating, no sex, and no marriage. The movement has been formed in protest of the patriarchal setting in which, according to one woman, “being highly educated also becomes a minus point. What matters the most… Read more →

Diplomatic Relations Between Japan and the Koreas Today – Margot Seidel

Margot Seidel Diplomatic Relations Between Japan and the Koreas Today 4/10/20 As my prior three blogs have demonstrated, the complex histories connecting and dividing North Korea, South Korea, and Japan are tainted with a more than a century’s worth of conflict, occupation, and human rights abuses. As these three nations struggle to settle their pasts and resolve the pressing issues… Read more →

Health v. Economy v. Poverty-Kayla Lundberg #4

If current events haven’t made it clear yet, money makes the world go around—but so does health apparently. One cannot make that said money without the physical or mental capacity and wellbeing to do so. But, in order to have a functional, effective healthcare system and therefore good health for the general population, financial resources are necessary. So—to get this… Read more →

Emma Anderson – South Korean Feminism and Today’s Legacy of Confucianism

Today’s blog post will be a historical survey that discusses the legacy of Confucianism in South Korea that is discussed alongside the modern feminist discourse. A common discourse amongst modern South Korean feminists the legacy and impact of Confucianism on men and women’s roles in modern South Korean society, despite the democratization, Westernization, and globalization that has had an impact… Read more →

Wanna Be Famous? Then You Can’t Date– The Social Restrictions Placed on K-Pop Idols by the Industry // Hannah Maupin

So, our wonderful K-pop idols don’t have the freedom to eat and exercise as they see fit- what else is controlled by their agencies? Their social lives are under restrictions just as tight as those placed on their diets. For one thing, they are not allowed to date people or interact with people of the opposite sex within the agency… Read more →

Jaelen Guerrant: Mixedness in Japan: expansion or rejection of National identity

“She may be half of us but is she really one of us”. Mixed race people in Asian countries often have a split in how are they approached and perceived in their home county. They can be seen as almost mistakes in the ethnic purity of a country as in Japan’s example with pro tennis player, Naomi Osaka. Osaka who… Read more →