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Current State of Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

          The enduring conflict has caused both the Israelis and the Palestinians to suffer greatly. Over time, the conflict has evolved as peace agreements have fallen through and Palestinians in particular continue to be displaced from their homes. Territorial rights remain a contentious issue. Disputes continue to be largely untraceable as the nations’ policies and peace… Read more →

Carson Coulbourn: Trump’s Middle-East Peace Plan

  Religion in Israel and Palestine Trump’s Peace Plan   Earlier this year, President Donald Trump released a peace plan regarding the conflict between Israel and Palestine. Trump has previously made his support for Israel known by relocating the US embassy to Jerusalem. Continuing in this fashion, his plan for peace undoubtably favors Israeli priorities, giving them legitimate claim on… Read more →

Ben Stoffel Blog 3– Refugees in Israel and Palestine

Recent efforts have attempted to make a sort of slipshod mend of Israeli-Palestinian relations in the Middle East, as highlighted by the Trump Administration’s efforts in the region over the last few months. A “Peace” Plan offered by the administration in late January attempted to finally make a full demarcation of Palestinian and Israeli confines, yet this plan excluded several… Read more →

Blog Entry 4: Middle East – Israel/Palestine (Apurva Shrestha)

For my final blog post, I will be writing about the effects of COVID-19 on the Israeli Palestinian conflict. The Coronavirus has become all encompassing there, as it has in our lives (it’s all anyone everyone -including me with this blog post- ever talks about).   Israel and Palestine amid this pandemic has become a microcosm of the way most… Read more →

Seeking Humanity Amid the Crisis – McClain Moran

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, some Israelis and Palestinians have found common humanity. Palestinian authorities have very limited resources, especially in occupied territories, and have been relying on Israeli kits and training. In return, Israel has relied on Palestinian hospital staff and manual labor (NPR). Tens of thousands of Palestinians left their families in the occupied West Bank… Read more →

Nationalism in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict – Sarah Pharr

       The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is decades long thus the information and details of the history can become complex. Both sides have a unique perspective on this history hence why oftentimes information about the topic can be contradictory. Additionally, due to the extremely partisan nature of this conflict, while religion may seem to be the most obvious source of… Read more →

Coronavirus in Palestine (Barber)

The first two cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in Gaza. Restaurants and other public locations have been closed, and Friday prayers are suspended. As the pandemic continued to spread throughout the world, there was increased panic that the virus’ arrival in Palestine would be catastrophic for the occupied people living there. The arrival of these cases in Gaza have… Read more →

Aftermath of Trump Administration’s “Middle East Peace Plan”- Cate Pearce Blog Post #3

Since in the month following the Trump Administration’s “Middle East Peace Plan”, which hopes to deescalate Israeli and Palestinian tensions. In the two prior blog posts I have gone into the specific facets of the plan and initial objections to it, but time has allowed more parties to weigh in on the issues the plan raises. At the United Nations… Read more →

Humanitarian Crises in Gaza – McClain Moran

In 2012, the UN published a report, investigating whether Gaza would be capable of livable conditions by 2020. Many growing concerns of the study were economic, as it was found that the average Gazan household spent 50% of their income on food and 80% of households received assistance (UNSCO). Adding to food insecurity, 35% of Gaza’s agricultural land was deemed… Read more →

Blog Entry 3: Middle East – Israel/Palestine (Apurva Shrestha)

There has been some more organized push back towards the US Israeli/Palestinian peace plan. The first source in this article says the US plan, titled “Peace to prosperity”, allows for “annexation of occupied Palestinian territory”. It goes on to levy other accusations, saying that it unfairly favors one side. Israel would get land, Palestine would get statehood recognition, but it… Read more →