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Transactional Sex in Sub Saharan Africa

It is no secret that transactional relationships in Sub-Saharan African universities have been frowned upon. In fact, there are many outreach and non-profit groups all over the continent that have dedicated themselves to combating this phenomenon and teaching students safer sex practices. Although these groups are doing good and necessary work, they are not necessarily attacking the root of the… Read more →

The Inequalities Surrounding the COVID-19 Pandemic–Ebenezer Sampong

How can we think about inequality in sub-Saharan Africa in the midst of the global pandemic? One way I believe we can look at it is the disproportionate effects on different people, in a way that may not always been deliberate, but still has dangerous, if not deadly effects. However, “several MPs in Botswana have been caught breaking their self-isolation… Read more →

Uyghurs Face A New Threat- Sfa Khalid

Amongst the outbreak of COVID-19, the Uyghurs Muslims stuck in the so called “vocational training centers” have demanded three things: for WTO to evaluate the virus in their region, release the millions of detainees and close the camps, send medical aid along with humanitarian support for the region (The Diplomat). Already being imprisoned against their will and deprived of basic… Read more →

The Intersection of Man-Made and Natural Disasters in Yemen

The key to surviving a pandemic like the coronavirus is an efficient healthcare system. With war lasting for years in Yemen the healthcare system is left barely operating. They are not able to treat basic conditions like malnutrition and cholera much less a disease that wreaks havoc on hospitals throughout western society.    Reasons why the health care system in Yemen… Read more →

Land Repatriation (Jacquelyn Kim)

There are few examples of formal land return efforts beyond small communities or individuals donating lands to Indigenous groups, and many struggle to imagine what the world would look like if all land were actually repatriated to Indigenous communities — precisely because our current social order is built upon and inextricable from settler colonialism with its private property rights and exploitation… Read more →

Income Inequality in China -Jie Ying Huang

Jie Ying Huang Levenson Spring 2020 GSGS 3030 Blog Post #4 Inequality in China -Income/Wealth Inequality There is no country whose level of income inequality is better suited for the infamous saying, “the Rich get richer and the Poor get poorer” than China, besides America, of course. Although in recent times, China has “moved from a poor, underdeveloped country to… Read more →

What Can the Equal Rights Amendment Do for Women? – Stephanie Kasko

One of the questions asked, especially by opponents of the ERA, is what it can do for women that isn’t already possible. There is a sense that the protections that the ERA would extend to people are already possible and/or present. That’s certainly not the case, though.  One of the most important things that the Equal Rights Amendment can do… Read more →

Ellie Hanson – COVID-19 & Women’s Right’s in Egypt

UN Women, a United Nations entity that promotes women’s empowerment on a global scale, has applauded the National Council for Women in Egypt, after it released a policy paper outlining how to provide for and protect women as the country responds to the COVID-19 pandemic. The policy describes the need to maintain female representation in government as the country responds… Read more →

Emi Lockwood: Favelas: Peripheries of Society, Epicenter of Virus

“We are imposing a curfew because nobody is taking [coronavirus] seriously. It’s best to stay at home and chill. The message has been given,” said a gang member of Red Command in the Cidade de Dieus (City of God) favela in Rio De Janeiro.[1] As the coronavirus spreads throughout Brazil, unlikely favela residents are stepping up to lead and support communities.… Read more →