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Indigenous Australians as Tourists – Meimei Xu

Going off of my previous blog posts, what about indigenous Australians as tourists themselves? In a sector focused mostly on the movement of privileged bodies, where does that put indigenous tourists? Historically, the purpose of indigenous travel within Australia prior to colonization was largely guided by social and spiritual responsibilities to enact relationships between the indigenous groups (Peters and Higgins-Desbiolles)… Read more →

The Trajectory of Bride Trafficking (Savannah BC)

Within my first three blog posts I covered the present and past realities of human trafficking in China and so, in order to paint a complete picture of this crisis, I have decided to frame this blog post around hypotheses of what is to come. My optimistic tendencies might urge me to believe that a matter as grave and destructive… Read more →

Human Trafficking in the United States Final Blog Compilation by Caleigh McDonough

Human Trafficking in the United States Final Blog Compilation by Caleigh McDonough   Human Trafficking is a pervasive issue, as millions of victims are trafficked worldwide each year. According to International Labor Organization estimations, human trafficking generates USD $150 billion a year in global profits (Gallucci). The United States is one of the highest-ranking countries in the world for human… Read more →

Australian refugees and asylum seekers “afraid” in detention centers during global pandemic — Cassie Korcel

Australia, like much of the world right now, has shut its borders to keep the virus contained. Australian refugees and asylum seekers have a new found risk. Australia’s detention centers and hotels house around 2000 men and women who have “overstayed their visa, breached its conditions or had it cancelled, have been transferred… under medevac legislation…of have tried to gain… Read more →

The “Sardines” Movement and Migration Policy in Italy – Alexandra Hartman

  On January 26th, 2020, Stefano Bonacci, the gubernatorial candidate of Italy’s center-left Democratic Party (DP) in the region of Emilia-Romagna, won 51.4% of the vote to defeat the candidate of the right-wing coalition including the populist 5 Star Movement and Matteo Salvini’s League party. The contest was seen as an important defeat for the populist coalition, which won control… Read more →

Blog 4: Efforts to Combat Sex Trafficking in the U.S. and Resources for Victims

Blog 4: Efforts to Combat Sex Trafficking in the U.S. and Resources for Victims By Caleigh McDonough, cmm6dx In previous blogs, I address background information on human trafficking and its scope, recruitment tactics, recent trends, and risk factors that increase vulnerability to trafficking such as recent migration and substance use. I now will provide information on current anti-trafficking legislation, community… Read more →

Rebel Fighting in the Central African Republic and the Pandemic of Sexual Violence|Thomas Doyle

When the philosopher and author George Santayana once wrote: “Only the dead have seen the end of war,” he clearly understood that the trauma of warfare reaches far beyond those that are directly involved in the fighting and continues to affect people for the remainder of their lives. This long-term trauma of war is especially true for the women of… Read more →

Grace Leffler–Practice Versus Thought in Spain

Is Spain’s far right party, Vox, becoming representative of the country’s mainstream ideologies? Vox’s economic ideologies do not seem to align with that of other Spanish parties. Just three days ago, Spain reportedly approved an aggressive plan to reduce its deficit that is more extreme than the European Commission’s guidelines; Spain’s center-right Ciudadanos and far-left Unidas Podemos supported this proposal… Read more →

Australian Indigenous Tour Guides (Stanley Island) – Meimei Xu

In this blog post, I will focus specifically on sustainable indigenous tourism by using research and a case study from Stanley Island, an area off the North Eastern coast of Australia and the tourists brought in through cruise expeditions. Sustainable tourism is defined as tourism that firstly focuses on creating a sense of responsibility on the part of the tourist… Read more →

Australian tourism and economy taking a hit — Cassie Korcel

Australian tourism is having a rough start to the new decade. From the impact of the bushfires to the effects of the Coronavirus, the Australian economy and tourism is expected to take a huge hit. The bushfires have destroyed the land that many tourists travel to go see. News channels have stated that “up to 1.5 million tourists will not… Read more →