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Where it Ends

Hamza Al Ameen Apr 15th Blog 4 Where it Ends   “I have nothing left to lose so I will never leave this protest,” said Shamari in an interview with VOA News. (Murdock, Voice of America, 2019). Shamari lost his family, and home after they were boomed in a confrontation with the Islamic State in Fallujah, Iraq. After losing everything,… Read more →

Indonesia: caught between an economic rock and an environmental hard place

Haley Edmonds Indonesia has been flagged as one the leading countries in greenhouse gas emissions due to their growing industry of palm oil production. By burning land for the production of palm oil, carbon is added into the atmosphere, and when the trees that once sequestered carbon are removed, all that carbon is released back into the atmosphere. Not only has… Read more →

Chinese Forced Labor Products Sold Make Their Way into U.S Stores – Cece Blasingame

According to AP News, sportswear along with other products sold in the United States can be traced back to factories at Chinese internment camps in the Xinjiang region. The Associated Press discovered that Badger Sportswear in Statesville, North Carolina had been receiving shipments from a factory at a Chinese internment camp. Detainees at the camps revealed that “even people with… Read more →

Uyghurs Face A New Threat- Sfa Khalid

Amongst the outbreak of COVID-19, the Uyghurs Muslims stuck in the so called “vocational training centers” have demanded three things: for WTO to evaluate the virus in their region, release the millions of detainees and close the camps, send medical aid along with humanitarian support for the region (The Diplomat). Already being imprisoned against their will and deprived of basic… Read more →

The World’s Response to China’s Human Rights Violations

In my previous posts, I outline how China has a terrible track record when it comes to human rights, especially in regards to how they’ve handled the Internet and – more recently – the coronavirus. China doesn’t live within a bubble, though, and news of China’s actions spreads freely throughout the world. It seems that other nations come down hard… Read more →

Current State of Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

          The enduring conflict has caused both the Israelis and the Palestinians to suffer greatly. Over time, the conflict has evolved as peace agreements have fallen through and Palestinians in particular continue to be displaced from their homes. Territorial rights remain a contentious issue. Disputes continue to be largely untraceable as the nations’ policies and peace… Read more →

Incompatibility of Communism and Human Rights – Isabel Wheeler

As Marianne De Ridder mentioned in her blog post on Communism in China, a communist government tends to prioritize the needs of the collective over the will and needs of the individual. This is the root of several human rights violations seen in China due to the government’s tendency to compromise human rights in order to keep the Communist Party… Read more →

Privacy in the Time of Coronavirus

With the rise and spread of novel coronavirus, China has been praised for its public health initiatives designed to stave new infections, especially by the WHO. They seem to be working, with the amount of new cases dwindling to zero on Tuesday, April 7th. However, the question remains whether Chinese citizens have sacrificed privacy for security and health. Ant Financial, a… Read more →