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Political Oppression in the Soviet Union and It’s Effect on Political Apathy in Modern Russia- Ester Rekhelman

The political apathy that began to make itself known during the time of the Soviet Union and continues well into the lives of ex-Soviet citizenry today must have had some sort of patterned roots. First off, I previously mentioned that political apathy began in the 60s and 70s when democratization under Gorbachev began and citizens were learning more and more… Read more →

The Significance of the Postponing of the Tokyo Olympics (Jimmy Flood)

     To call our current global situation unprecedented would be an understatement. Though the human race has faced pandemics before, the COVID-19 Pandemic has introduced social disruptions that many younger and older people alike have never experienced. Just one example comes from the postponement of the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo to 2021.      The Olympics is arguably… Read more →

COVID-19 in Japan and the Koreas (Jimmy Flood)

    As the novel Coronavirus strain (COVID-19) could be on its way to global pandemic status, the economic and social impacts are being felt particularly hard in Japan and the two Koreas.     In Japan, the economic toll is putting additional strain on an already weakening economy (partially caused by its aging population) feeling the impacts of a… Read more →

History of the Electoral Process in the Soviet Union-Ester Rekhelman

In order to better understand the disillusionment from government that many USSR citizens experienced, it is necessary to first understand the history of the electoral system in the republic. In 1924, when the Soviet government was established, “class alien elements” or ostracized citizens such as priests, were denied the right to vote, and the mechanism of indirect election was put… Read more →

EsterRekhelman Blogpost 1

The Soviet Union, despite having a relatively short-lived history lasting less than a century, had profound cultural and political influences on not only the rest of the world, but its people as well. It is therefore a fair argument to make that the structure of the electoral system and voting in the Soviet Union led to an inherent political disaffiliation… Read more →

Can Love Prevail in A Country Dominated by Castes?

Katie Nail (kan2xb) January 28, 2020 Blog #1   The Indian subcontinent is rich with religious history. It is the birthplace of four of the world’s major religions, including Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism. But for a country grounded in religious beliefs that at their core emphasize peace, the country has been dominated by the Hindu caste system that prohibits… Read more →