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Transactional Sex in Sub Saharan Africa

It is no secret that transactional relationships in Sub-Saharan African universities have been frowned upon. In fact, there are many outreach and non-profit groups all over the continent that have dedicated themselves to combating this phenomenon and teaching students safer sex practices. Although these groups are doing good and necessary work, they are not necessarily attacking the root of the… Read more →

Lydia Brainard Yemani Education

Yemen’s ongoing civil war (2015-present) has severely impacted many aspects of Yemeni life, education included. There are a number of factors barring children from receiving an education: displacement, school closures, decreased funds, general insecurity, etc. USAID estimates that approximately 2,000 schools across Yemen are no longer operable. While some schools have been repurposed to hold displaced Yemenis, others are occupied by… Read more →

Beyond sexism: a broader look at social discrimination in Japan

Noel Higgason In my third blog post, I partially attributed Japan’s abysmal gender equality ratings to sexist attitudes ingrained in Japanese culture.  Japanese women are prevented from rising to positions of power in the workplace and in other realms because they are deemed unfit based on their gender.  Workplace discrimination has become normalized and expected.   Because I have been… Read more →

Emma Anderson: The “No Dating” Movement and Combatting Anti-Feminists in South Korea

There has been a recent surge in Korean women participating in a radical feminist movement that has been entitled “4B” or “The Four Nos,” no dating, no sex, and no marriage. The movement has been formed in protest of the patriarchal setting in which, according to one woman, “being highly educated also becomes a minus point. What matters the most… Read more →

Ellie Hanson – COVID-19 & Women’s Right’s in Egypt

UN Women, a United Nations entity that promotes women’s empowerment on a global scale, has applauded the National Council for Women in Egypt, after it released a policy paper outlining how to provide for and protect women as the country responds to the COVID-19 pandemic. The policy describes the need to maintain female representation in government as the country responds… Read more →

France Aids Domestic Abuse Victims Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic – Grace Bowie

Though the emergence of the #MeToo movement and the passage of France’s anti-harassment law occurred recently, these issues feel of a different time and place as the globe now experiences the coronavirus pandemic. Headlines talk of testing failures, business shutdowns, lack of hospital infrastructure, and quarantines. However, these headlines often fail to address the inequality that underlines quarantining; it is… Read more →

Post #4: Is it Still a Man’s World?

As it is common knowledge, India is traditionally and is currently a patriarchal society in many parts of the country. Discrimination against women and girls is a pervasive and long-running phenomenon that characterises Indian society at every level. India’s progress towards gender equality, measured by its position on rankings such as the Gender Development Index has been disappointing, despite fairly… Read more →

Lydia Brainard: Masculinity for Syrian Refugees

Syrian refugees in Egypt, like refugees everywhere, are forced to undergo a sudden shift in identity as they re-establish themselves in a completely novel environment. No matter where they are displaced to, refugees are forced into the category of “other” in their new ‘home.’ This novel label comes with many negative implications that these displaced peoples are made to reconcile… Read more →