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Kurdistan’s Response to Coronavirus Pandemic

In Kurdistan, the reported number of cases of COVID-19 is remarkably low due to precautions taken in late February to block off access to the region for non-residents. This is especially notable considering the high number of cases in Iran, Kurdistan’s neighbor to the east, that did not handle concerns over the virus as seriously and now has at least 70,000… Read more →

COVID-19 in the Rainbow Nation

According to NPR, “South Africa has the highest number of diagnosed COVID-19 cases on the African continent” (Peralta 2020). The numbers are worrisome; with nearly 2,000 cases and only 3,000 ICU beds, South Africa seems poised to cut it close (Wood 2020). Beyond the case numbers though, disturbing instances related to the virus put disenfranchised citizens as risk. Law enforcement,… Read more →

Mahima Reddy: The Nigerian identity amidst COVID-19

In light of recent events, this final blog post will seek to understand if the COVID-19 pandemic favors the concept of a unified or ethnically fragmented Nigerian identity. In addition to exploring whether Nigeria’s sense of nationhood is reflected in its response to the COVID-19 pandemic, this post will analyze how the nation interacts with Western powers that have had… Read more →

Social Consequences of the Coronavirus by Ben Ke

One of the unfortunate, global consequences brought about by the coronavirus epidemic is the increased xenophobia directed toward Chinese people and people perceived to be Chinese. Out in public, people of Asian descent have been harrassed on baseless claims that they are sick or are responsible for the epidemic. In New Jersey, an 11-year-old student was reported to say “You’re… Read more →

The “Sardines” Movement and Migration Policy in Italy – Alexandra Hartman

  On January 26th, 2020, Stefano Bonacci, the gubernatorial candidate of Italy’s center-left Democratic Party (DP) in the region of Emilia-Romagna, won 51.4% of the vote to defeat the candidate of the right-wing coalition including the populist 5 Star Movement and Matteo Salvini’s League party. The contest was seen as an important defeat for the populist coalition, which won control… Read more →

Coronavirus in Xinjiang & How it Could Affect the Uighurs – Dana Drogin

Since the novel Coronavirus began spreading in China in late December 2019, The whole world has changed. Countries have gone on lockdown and social distancing has become the new norm. As the virus reaches new countries and regions, communities and governments are trying everything to stop the spread and ‘flatten the curve’ until the worst of it passes. But in… Read more →

Ben Stoffel Blog 3– Refugees in Israel and Palestine

Recent efforts have attempted to make a sort of slipshod mend of Israeli-Palestinian relations in the Middle East, as highlighted by the Trump Administration’s efforts in the region over the last few months. A “Peace” Plan offered by the administration in late January attempted to finally make a full demarcation of Palestinian and Israeli confines, yet this plan excluded several… Read more →

Kurds in the Time of Coronavirus- Elizabeth Harrington

Kurds in the Time of Coronavirus by Elizabeth Harrington (eph6bx) An ethnic group divided by lines on a map, living under dramatically different governments and regimes, in the middle of a global pandemic. I expected to find only articles about how badly the region was doing these days. There’s still fighting and with the history the Kurds have endured, my… Read more →