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Ambient Air Pollution Increases COVID Lethality In SSA

As COVID 19 continues to infect localities around the globe, recent findings suggest that chronic exposure to air pollution can decrease one’s ability to survive the disease. The report has attracted special concern for urban communities in sub-Saharan Africa: here, levels of ambient air pollution are among the highest in the world. Combined with dense living arrangements and thin healthcare… Read more →

Locusts Swarms Threaten Eastern Africa

Billions of locusts are swarming throughout Kenya, Somalia, and Ethiopia. It is the worst outbreak in over quarter century, and farming productivity is severely endangered as hundreds of acres are devoured. Government efforts to stockpile pesticides and conduct aerial spraying have so been unsuccessful at containing the swarms, and even as 10 million USD in aid has been distributed from… Read more →

Sustainable Solutions During the COVID-19 Pandemic – Brian Wimmer

With the current COVID-19 crisis ravaging the entire world, environmental issues are being sidelined as most resources are being allocated to end the pandemic. However, the world has seen some unintentional benefits of the lockdowns and economic standstill that resulted from the pandemic. Animals are returning to their habitats, pollution rates are going down, less resources for transportation are being… Read more →

Climate Change and Forced Migration in Sub Saharan Africa

As the global impacts of climate change continue to worsen, increasingly severe natural disasters, sea level rise, and ecological degradation will force millions of people from their homes. This widespread, global forced migration will be especially acute in regions ill equipped to deal with the pressures of climate change and most vulnerable to climate shocks, and will place significant pressure… Read more →

Saudi impact on regional and global strife

The three countries I’ve discussed in my previous blog posts all have a common denominator. Amid the turmoil of its neighbors, one country holds most of the cards in the region: Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia, an absolute monarchy, established its dominance over the Middle East long before the Arab Spring protests began. After its Shia rival Iran’s Islamic Revolution in 1979, the Sunni Al-Saud… Read more →

Could there be a Bright Side to the COVID-19 Crisis?

As the United States experiences the effects of COVID-19, citizens are asked to stay home and all non-essential businesses and schools remain closed. The US is not alone as Australia experiences many of the same stay at home orders, though a bit less severe at this point. The COVID-19 disease has a great amount of fear associated with it as… Read more →

Indonesia: caught between an economic rock and an environmental hard place

Haley Edmonds Indonesia has been flagged as one the leading countries in greenhouse gas emissions due to their growing industry of palm oil production. By burning land for the production of palm oil, carbon is added into the atmosphere, and when the trees that once sequestered carbon are removed, all that carbon is released back into the atmosphere. Not only has… Read more →

The Impact of Rising Ocean Levels on Australia’s Cities and Coastline

While Australia and the Pacific Islands experience many of the same problems associated with rising sea levels, these issues result in specific challenges for Australia’s dense coastal population and economic infrastructure.  According to the Australian Academy of Science, about 86% of Australia’s population lives along the coast, putting millions of people at risk as sea levels rise (2020). An increase… Read more →

Australia’s Bushfire: Impacts on Wildlife – Hannah Fowler

Throughout my blogs I have focused mainly on the impacts that the bushfire season of 2019-2020 has had on human life, however this week I am going to look deeper into how they have affected Australia’s wildlife. During the fire season, 18 million ha of forest burned and an estimated 1 billion animals died in the blaze and the following… Read more →

Sophia Dietz: COVID-19 + its Environmental Impact

The COVID-19 pandemic has rooted itself deeply in medical, economic, and social spheres since the World Health Organization’s declaration on March 18. Coronavirus has sparked a critical evaluation of health systems and sharp changes in the global economy. But largely unregarded is the virus’ environmental impact; how the virus will impact the development of clean energy, climate negotiations, and research… Read more →