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Lydia Brainard Yemani Education

Yemen’s ongoing civil war (2015-present) has severely impacted many aspects of Yemeni life, education included. There are a number of factors barring children from receiving an education: displacement, school closures, decreased funds, general insecurity, etc. USAID estimates that approximately 2,000 schools across Yemen are no longer operable. While some schools have been repurposed to hold displaced Yemenis, others are occupied by… Read more →

Saudi impact on regional and global strife

The three countries I’ve discussed in my previous blog posts all have a common denominator. Amid the turmoil of its neighbors, one country holds most of the cards in the region: Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia, an absolute monarchy, established its dominance over the Middle East long before the Arab Spring protests began. After its Shia rival Iran’s Islamic Revolution in 1979, the Sunni Al-Saud… Read more →

COVID-19 and Women of the Arab Springs

It would be hard to not speak about the globally intrusive coronavirus and what specific affects it has had on Arab women. Firstly, some background information, The ESCWA Executive Secretary, Rola Dashti, stated there are “101.4 million in the region who already live in poverty, according to official criteria, and around 52 million undernourished.” It is very clear that we… Read more →

Impact of Coronavirus on Foreign Relations -Anna Faulks

Coronavirus has grown to a worldwide phenomenon, impacting all facets of life around the world including international relations and terrorism. One instance of this halting of international affairs is the cease-fire declared by Saudi-Arabia in Yemen. The conflict there has been going on for five years against the Houthis and to restore the Yemeni government. If the cease-fire is successful,… Read more →

Tunisia’s Farmers Suffer from the Effects of Climate Change – Hunter Hess

    Dates and olives are the two biggest crops in the Tunisian agricultures industry. While Tunisia may be the only Arab Spring country that is still a fully function democracy today, the effects of climate change are still ravaging the nation, especially its agriculture industry. Tunisia has seen less and less rainfall over the past decade, which is hurting… Read more →

Technology as a Uniting Force of Change: Oman — Marisa Dinko

It is no secret that we are living in a “digital age,” with more access to international communication and connection that ever before. However, social media and the internet play vastly different roles depending on the region using it. Specifically, social media provides a unique platform for mass resistance and grass-roots organizing. While we may see online movements like #MeToo… Read more →

The Arab Spring Uprisings: An Economic Success?

An underlying theme amongst the uprisings that occurred throughout North Africa during the spring of 2011 surrounds the discouraging expectations of prosperity held by the educated youth of this region and the implications of such uprisings on the future economies of these nations. A number of participating populations, including those of the three previously mentioned countries, Egypt, Libya, and Tunisia,… Read more →

Michael McClafferty — Protest-art in Iraq Demonstrations

Response to COVID-19 has seen the closure of several public spaces in Iraq and the lack of successful change amid increasing arrests has resulted in the protest movement coming to a standstill. In light of these events, and in response to several readings this semester, I have decided to focus this final blog entry on Iraqi protest-art produced during the… Read more →

Ellie Hanson – COVID-19 & Women’s Right’s in Egypt

UN Women, a United Nations entity that promotes women’s empowerment on a global scale, has applauded the National Council for Women in Egypt, after it released a policy paper outlining how to provide for and protect women as the country responds to the COVID-19 pandemic. The policy describes the need to maintain female representation in government as the country responds… Read more →

Blog Entry 4: Middle East – Israel/Palestine (Apurva Shrestha)

For my final blog post, I will be writing about the effects of COVID-19 on the Israeli Palestinian conflict. The Coronavirus has become all encompassing there, as it has in our lives (it’s all anyone everyone -including me with this blog post- ever talks about).   Israel and Palestine amid this pandemic has become a microcosm of the way most… Read more →