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The Trajectory of Bride Trafficking (Savannah BC)

Within my first three blog posts I covered the present and past realities of human trafficking in China and so, in order to paint a complete picture of this crisis, I have decided to frame this blog post around hypotheses of what is to come. My optimistic tendencies might urge me to believe that a matter as grave and destructive… Read more →

Bridget Murphy – Continued Uncertainty With Coronavirus

Around 3 months ago, COVID-19 seemed like a tragedy, but one that would not impact our immediate communities so greatly as it has. What felt like a terrible disease in China has turned into a worldwide pandemic. Schools are closed, businesses are closed, insane amounts of people have been laid off or furloughed. But the biggest impact that I have seen… Read more →

Chinese Forced Labor Products Sold Make Their Way into U.S Stores – Cece Blasingame

According to AP News, sportswear along with other products sold in the United States can be traced back to factories at Chinese internment camps in the Xinjiang region. The Associated Press discovered that Badger Sportswear in Statesville, North Carolina had been receiving shipments from a factory at a Chinese internment camp. Detainees at the camps revealed that “even people with… Read more →

Uyghurs Face A New Threat- Sfa Khalid

Amongst the outbreak of COVID-19, the Uyghurs Muslims stuck in the so called “vocational training centers” have demanded three things: for WTO to evaluate the virus in their region, release the millions of detainees and close the camps, send medical aid along with humanitarian support for the region (The Diplomat). Already being imprisoned against their will and deprived of basic… Read more →

Boxer Rebellion – Helen Joya

Although the Boxer Rebellion occurred in China over a century ago, it is a significant event that provides a bit of insight into the development of western religion in China. The Boxer Rebellion can be described as “an anti-imperialist, anti-foreign, and anti-Christian uprising”. This rebellion took place at a time when major European powers were set on colonizing already established… Read more →

Chinese Response to COVID-19 and Impacts on Global Reputation – Joshua Blaha

Since my last blog entry on health and poverty in China, coronavirus has become a global pandemic, with several countries overtaking China in number of cases (including the United States).  With Europe and the United States being hit the hardest, the Chinese government has seized the opportunity to ramp up production of medical supplies to ship out to these locations.… Read more →

The World’s Response to China’s Human Rights Violations

In my previous posts, I outline how China has a terrible track record when it comes to human rights, especially in regards to how they’ve handled the Internet and – more recently – the coronavirus. China doesn’t live within a bubble, though, and news of China’s actions spreads freely throughout the world. It seems that other nations come down hard… Read more →

Income Inequality in China -Jie Ying Huang

Jie Ying Huang Levenson Spring 2020 GSGS 3030 Blog Post #4 Inequality in China -Income/Wealth Inequality There is no country whose level of income inequality is better suited for the infamous saying, “the Rich get richer and the Poor get poorer” than China, besides America, of course. Although in recent times, China has “moved from a poor, underdeveloped country to… Read more →

Blog 3, Storthz, COVID-19: How China Now Holds The Future of the Global Environment

In previous blogs I have mentioned the strong relationship between China’s population, physical environment, and economic success, but that interdependence has never been more visible than during the current COVID-19 pandemic. There is a controversial discussion over which ways the virus is attached to the country, however it undoubtedly and famously originated in its Wuhan province. The virus has now… Read more →