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Australia’s Refugee Detention Centers Ignore COVID-19 Concerns | Hannah Ownby

As the novel Coronavirus continues it’s deadly spread around the globe, refugees imprisoned in Australia’s detention centers fear the worst. Many refugees have been trapped in Australia’s immigration detention program for many years. While many of them were released from the horrifying conditions in the offshore island centers like Manus and Nauru, they are still being subjected to inhumane treatment… Read more →

Indigenous Australians as Tourists – Meimei Xu

Going off of my previous blog posts, what about indigenous Australians as tourists themselves? In a sector focused mostly on the movement of privileged bodies, where does that put indigenous tourists? Historically, the purpose of indigenous travel within Australia prior to colonization was largely guided by social and spiritual responsibilities to enact relationships between the indigenous groups (Peters and Higgins-Desbiolles)… Read more →

Could there be a Bright Side to the COVID-19 Crisis?

As the United States experiences the effects of COVID-19, citizens are asked to stay home and all non-essential businesses and schools remain closed. The US is not alone as Australia experiences many of the same stay at home orders, though a bit less severe at this point. The COVID-19 disease has a great amount of fear associated with it as… Read more →

The Impact of Rising Ocean Levels on Australia’s Cities and Coastline

While Australia and the Pacific Islands experience many of the same problems associated with rising sea levels, these issues result in specific challenges for Australia’s dense coastal population and economic infrastructure.  According to the Australian Academy of Science, about 86% of Australia’s population lives along the coast, putting millions of people at risk as sea levels rise (2020). An increase… Read more →

Australia’s Bushfire: Impacts on Wildlife – Hannah Fowler

Throughout my blogs I have focused mainly on the impacts that the bushfire season of 2019-2020 has had on human life, however this week I am going to look deeper into how they have affected Australia’s wildlife. During the fire season, 18 million ha of forest burned and an estimated 1 billion animals died in the blaze and the following… Read more →

Australian refugees and asylum seekers “afraid” in detention centers during global pandemic — Cassie Korcel

Australia, like much of the world right now, has shut its borders to keep the virus contained. Australian refugees and asylum seekers have a new found risk. Australia’s detention centers and hotels house around 2000 men and women who have “overstayed their visa, breached its conditions or had it cancelled, have been transferred… under medevac legislation…of have tried to gain… Read more →

Sophia Dietz: COVID-19 + its Environmental Impact

The COVID-19 pandemic has rooted itself deeply in medical, economic, and social spheres since the World Health Organization’s declaration on March 18. Coronavirus has sparked a critical evaluation of health systems and sharp changes in the global economy. But largely unregarded is the virus’ environmental impact; how the virus will impact the development of clean energy, climate negotiations, and research… Read more →

Cat Culling in Australia

House cats, Felis Catus, were inadvertently introduced to the Australian mainland around Sydney in 1788. Through the next two centuries, feral cats established “a permanent foothold across 99.8 percent of the country” with high population density to match. Australia’s native species, after “millions of years of isolation,” have been blindsided by a new “predatory order.” Since 1788, 34 mammal species… Read more →

Looking past the Coronavirus

In the time of a global crisis and pandemic, it’s understandably easy to forget about the usual things. Just about a month ago, headlines were drastically different than they are now- the environment, politics, sports, arts, and more, but of course a fair share of news surrounding COVID-19. Now, flip on the news, and you’ll struggle to hear something new.… Read more →

Australia’s Role in The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development – Michaela Moran

Australia has long recognized the role of sustainable development in ensuring the well-being of the country and its people. They have been one of the world’s leaders in advocating for the integration of more sustainability efforts in order to combat climate change and other threats to the overall health of our world’s ecosystems and various environments. They were one of… Read more →