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Sam Brewbaker Blog 4: India’s Response to COVID-19

Blog 4: India’s Response to COVID-19 The worldwide outbreak of COVID-19, while devastating, has afforded a rare opportunity in politics—the ability to see governments of different types react to similar situations. For India, the disease’s outbreak may have been an opportunity for the BJP government to improve their blemished record; however, their response to this disease has been characteristically draconian… Read more →

Modi’s Sputtering Economy–Sam Brewbaker

President Trump’s recent visit to India has been filled with passionate fans and full stadiums (Crowley). Yet it has been largely fruitless economically, as a trade deal between the two nations has remained “elusive” (Swanson). Such a failure to procure a mutually beneficial deal, which might involve lowering the tariffs both countries have placed on one another, is disappointing for… Read more →

Violence Against Muslims: The Narendra Modi Biography (Sam Brewbaker)

At the heart of the BJP’s rise to power is Narendra Modi, a man whose biography is riddled with anti-Muslim leanings. Born to a lower caste, Modi, in his youth, became enamored with the Hindu nationalist Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (the RSS) (Filkins). Modi joined this organization in his teenage years, and “rose quickly” through its ranks, before becoming involved with… Read more →

The Basis of BJP Support in India–Sam Brewbaker

The religiously fanatic, right-wing nationalist control of India by the Baharatiya Janata Party (the BJP), spearheaded by the charismatic Narendra Modi, did not arise out of intense hatred for a people group, but instead came primarily out of frustration with current affairs and a desire for change (Blank, Cabrera, Gettlemen, Kim). Voters did not wish to hurt Muslims, as the… Read more →