Author: Paul Jouffroy

The Catholic Church: accountability and change

“Even a single case of abuse” must be met “with the utmost seriousness.” This was pope Francis’ appeal at a Vatican meeting in February 2019. There is much to be said about it, but words are not action. There is much to be said about the lifting of the rule of the pontifical secret as well, but action does mean… Read more →

The Catholic Church and Pedophilia in France, the Bernard Preynat affair

Bernard Preynat was, in July 2019, found guilty of the sexual assault of minors by an ecclesiastical court and stripped of rank and position in the Church. This was three and a half years after the scandal became public and thirty to fifty years after the crimes were committed. In January 2020, the criminal trial was held, and a decision… Read more →

The Catholic Church and Pedophilia

If you had followed the French press recently, you would have seen an article entitled: “Affaire Preynat : le cardinal Barbarin relaxĂ© en Appel.” This is in reference to a scandal which has rocked the French Catholic Church, and France in general, since 2015. In the latest news, Philippe Barbarin, Archbishop of the Lyon diocese, was freed on appeal. He… Read more →