Author: Meimei Xu

Indigenous Australians as Tourists – Meimei Xu

Going off of my previous blog posts, what about indigenous Australians as tourists themselves? In a sector focused mostly on the movement of privileged bodies, where does that put indigenous tourists? Historically, the purpose of indigenous travel within Australia prior to colonization was largely guided by social and spiritual responsibilities to enact relationships between the indigenous groups (Peters and Higgins-Desbiolles)… Read more →

Australian Indigenous Tour Guides (Stanley Island) – Meimei Xu

In this blog post, I will focus specifically on sustainable indigenous tourism by using research and a case study from Stanley Island, an area off the North Eastern coast of Australia and the tourists brought in through cruise expeditions. Sustainable tourism is defined as tourism that firstly focuses on creating a sense of responsibility on the part of the tourist… Read more →

Aboriginal Australian Tourism: History and Current effects

In my previous blog post, I gave a general overview of the recent bushfire’s effect on Australia’s large tourism sector and the communities that rely on the income tourists provide. In this one, I would like to focus on the impact tourism has historically had on the often-marginalized indigenous populations of Australia.   To start off, Tourism Australia advertises the… Read more →

Bushfires & Tourism in Australia

The recent wildfires in Australia have sparked global concern on the state of Australia’s natural environment and the impact on the environment on a global scale. But what are the bushfire’s effects on the Australian tourism industry and the human traffic in and out of the country? According to Tourism Australia, the government agency in charge of attracting and welcoming… Read more →