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Poor Outcomes because of High Spending (con’t) – Katie Bae

Moving on to administrative costs, in the United States, the mode of decentralization within the private sector results in multiple insurance companies, instead of one, overarching system, which means hospitals and physician offices will need extra administrative help. Not only will this increase administrative costs, but having increased personnel and more people involved in the medical process will also lead… Read more →

Poor Outcomes Because of High Spending – Katie Bae

Given the statistics previously provided, the question remains, “Why does the United States still have such poor outcomes even though it spends the most on health?” Further analysis reveals that perhaps the answer to this question is paradoxically, the United States still has such poor outcomes (partially) because it spends the most on health. This analysis attempts to shift the… Read more →

Health Care Spending in Excess – Katie Bae

In 2013, across the developed countries as a whole, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) data show that the average spending per person is $3,453, approximately 8.9% of GDP. The OECD found that the average American, however, spends $8,713 annually on medical care, totaling about 16.4% of its GDP on health care—more than double the average of all OECD… Read more →

US Health System Ranking – Katie Bae

In the beginning of the 21st century, the World Health Organization (WHO) published a comprehensive and detailed study of health status and health care systems of its 191 member nations and ranking them according to the best and worst health care systems in order of overall performance. A list of five scales of measurements were used to create preliminary rankings… Read more →

Healthcare in the United States – Katie Bae

While much of the higher income world operates under some form of a universal health care system, the United States healthcare system is unique among advanced industrialized countries in that rather than operating under a single system, it is perhaps best described as a hybrid system, organized as a mix of public and private schemes. Medicare provides coverage to nearly… Read more →