Author: Katie Nail

Coronavirus and Castes in India

With Modi’s order for India to remain in lockdown, the country is more isolated than it has ever been before. For a country that still adheres for the most part to a rigid social caste system, the social distancing that is occurring through the coronavirus outbreak is only making its citizens more isolated. In fact, after the announcement for a… Read more →

How Tech Outsourcing is Changing the Pace of India’s Economy

Katie Nail Blog #3 How Tech Outsourcing is Changing the Pace of India’s Economy As a country, India’s territory takes in the greater part of South Asia, and according to Worldometers, the population in the country has reached over 1,534 billion people. But, other countries such as China and the United States are closely tied with this population number and… Read more →

How Technology is Providing Social Change for Rural Areas of India

Outside of the Hindu caste system, modern India is still an economy dependent on its agricultural sector. With over 50 percent of its population working in agriculture, and a GDP contribution of 18 percent, the country could not function without this key component of its economy, according to the Business and Economics Journal. But this focus on agrarian life within the… Read more →

Can Love Prevail in A Country Dominated by Castes?

Katie Nail (kan2xb) January 28, 2020 Blog #1   The Indian subcontinent is rich with religious history. It is the birthplace of four of the world’s major religions, including Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism. But for a country grounded in religious beliefs that at their core emphasize peace, the country has been dominated by the Hindu caste system that prohibits… Read more →