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Transactional Sex in Sub Saharan Africa

It is no secret that transactional relationships in Sub-Saharan African universities have been frowned upon. In fact, there are many outreach and non-profit groups all over the continent that have dedicated themselves to combating this phenomenon and teaching students safer sex practices. Although these groups are doing good and necessary work, they are not necessarily attacking the root of the… Read more →

Blog Post 3- Transactional relationships in Sub-Saharan African universities

Another under-looked contribution to student knowingly engaging in these transactional relationships is the family structure and family support in the life of the student. Many studies in Africa and globally have documented the influence of family structure on youth and adolescents’ outcomes, such as academic achievement, health and well-being, but less have been dedicated (especially in Africa) to how it… Read more →

Blog Post 2- Transactional Sex in Sub Sarahan Universites

One aspect of this phenomena is the perspective from the women. In a study at the University of Cape Coast, Ghana, 40 women in transactional sexual relationships were asked to speak about their relationships.  Most of these young women did not see themselves as victims. They made complex and conscious choices to be in the relationships that they found themselves… Read more →

Transactional Sex in Sub-Sarahan African Universities- Kerri-Ann Anoff

One of the most obvious and exploitative forms of gender inequality in Sub-Sarahan Africa schools and universities today is transactional sex, more commonly known as “Sex for grades”. This is a phenomenon that has been happening for decades, in which male teachers, professors, and faculty members will demand or bribe female students for sex in exchange for passing grades. A 2011 Action… Read more →