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Jaelen Guerrant: Mixedness in Japan: expansion or rejection of National identity

“She may be half of us but is she really one of us”. Mixed race people in Asian countries often have a split in how are they approached and perceived in their home county. They can be seen as almost mistakes in the ethnic purity of a country as in Japan’s example with pro tennis player, Naomi Osaka. Osaka who… Read more →

Jaelen Guerrant: East Asian Skin Whitening

“You know you would be famous in the Philippines if your skin was lighter, Jae-Jae” My Filipino immigrant grandmother use to say to me often when I was a child while handing urging my mom to buy me papaya soap, a common skin lightener in the Philippines. The lightness of your skins determines so much of career and personal success… Read more →

Jaelen Guerrant: Colorism and Western Beauty in Asia

Brown. All of humanity are all different shades of brown, but the slight differences in just darkness or lightness of your complexion can determine where you live, where you can work, and who you can love. In the United States with its multiple layers, racial background and skin color go more hand in hand, but in a nation where everyone… Read more →