Author: jkw7tt

Whose Responsibility is it?: To Secure a Healthy Environment For Future Generations

In light of the current state of the globe, it is only appropriate to talk about the COVID-19 pandemic in my final blog. This microscopic virus has killed over 23,670 people as of Thursday, March 26, 2020 at 4:27 pm, and is bound to take the lives of thousands more by the end of this week (Coronavirus Cases). Following Trump’s… Read more →

Whose Responsibility is it? : Food Insecurity in America

One of the main issues affecting people all across the globe is the fact that good, healthy food has become a luxury product. Food deserts are popping up everywhere and contributing to the increasing obesity epidemic. Food deserts are places that have insufficient grocery stores, and whose supermarkets sale little to no fresh produce, so people have to resort to… Read more →

Whose Responsibility is it? : From Your Plate to Natural Disasters

    According to a recent report conducted by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, catastrophic effects of global warming could make climate change irreversible by 2030 (Ecotricity). Ten years from now the damage that humans have inflicted on earth will be permanent. This is mainly caused by the degradation of earth’s ecosystems, especially sea life. Coral Reefs play… Read more →

Whose Responsibility is it? : The Issue of Environments, Disasters, and Sustainability in North America

Living in a world dominated by the mass exchange of information through social media, news channels, and other modern forms of technology, the average person can feel overwhelmed and powerless with the wealth of tragedies and natural disasters occurring across the globe. In North America, many people rely on the democratic government to find solutions to the epidemics that plague… Read more →