Author: jk5rz

Land Repatriation (Jacquelyn Kim)

There are few examples of formal land return efforts beyond small communities or individuals donating lands to Indigenous groups, and many struggle to imagine what the world would look like if all land were actually repatriated to Indigenous communities — precisely because our current social order is built upon and inextricable from settler colonialism with its private property rights and exploitation… Read more →

Asian Settler Colonialism (Jacquelyn Kim)

In thinking about the need for solidarity between Indigenous and other marginalized communities, Hawaii is particularly worthy of attention as a state in which Asians are the most populous racial/ethnic group, comprising 37.6% of the population according to the U.S. Census. Asians now hold a significant amount of power, both economic and political, in Hawaii, which has been illegally occupied… Read more →

What Does Decolonization Mean? (Jacquelyn Kim)

Decolonization at its core refers very specifically to dismantling colonial structures and ideologies, addressing pervasive power balances, and the repatriation of land to Indigenous peoples. For non-Indigenous people, as defined by one guide to decolonization and indigenization, decolonization is “the process of examining your beliefs about Indigenous Peoples and culture by learning about yourself in relationship to the communities where… Read more →

Land Reparations for Indigenous Communities in North America (Jacquelyn Kim)

With rapidly accelerating climate change and increasing concerns about its irreversible effects, the urgent pursuit of solutions has amplified long-standing discourse about the relationships between Indigenous peoples and their original lands and subsequently also the concept of land reparations. Central to the concept of land reparations in North America specifically is a critical understanding of both European settler colonialism and… Read more →